Wednesday, August 31, 2016

30 Day Challenge to a More Organized You

Written By: Meredith

September is the perfect month to challenge our readers to become more organized with each passing day. September has 30 days and this challenge has 30 tips to help you become more organized before the holiday season begins. We will start off slow and as a team.

We're all longing to recapture those simpler times - when our families gathered for leisurely walks and the kids playing outside in the backyard after dinner. Let's organize our lives, so that after Thanksgiving dinner we can accomplish those goals, seal those memories into our minds and snap a few pictures for the family photo albums.

This 30 Day Challenge guide will show you how to regain control of the clock in manageable, bite-size steps. Go your own pace, this list will always be here for you. Simplifying and organizing your life doesn't have to be complicated!

Just refer back to this list to keep track of your days.
(As we make our way through the month, I will be adding links to the list.)

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