Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Day 21 of 30 to a More Organized You

Today is our twenty-first day to having a more organized month.
Let's do this!

A penny saved...

...can cause clutter. Collect extra change from desk drawers and dresser tops. Sort it, roll it and exchange for bills at the bank.

...can make your future carefree. Schedule an annual review with your financial planner and make an appointment to update your will.

Our Writer's Responses
Little man and I do this twice a month. Why? He's two. If he finds "monies" somewhere in the house, he knows to bring them to me immediately. Anyone with children or someone that has been around small children would know that anything they find, somehow always makes it to their mouth. A friend of mine gave me a coin sorter, since she knew how many coins we had in Mark's "monies" jar. He loves it. He puts the coins in the machine and they fall in their appropriate tubes that already have the wrappers in them. Once it hits the top, the machine stops so I can roll the coins and place another wrapper in the tube. It goes by really fast and he's laughing the entire time. Totally worth it!

I keep a change jar right near the door, so that we can dump out our change when we get in the house! I haven't counted it in a while, but I'm excited to find out how much is in there! I'm guessing over $300.

For some people, loose change is a serious issue. It weighs down wallets and collects absolutely everywhere. As someone without their own washer and dryer? Loose change is a hot commodity. Any and all spare coin is thrown into a small jar in our living room. It is then used for loads of laundry, to dry our clothes, and for other random moments. I like having a pre-determined spot for all of that change, though. It keeps everything nice and neat...and lets me know when I need to get rolls of change from the bank!

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