Saturday, September 10, 2016

Day 10 of 30 to a More Organized You

Today is our tenth day to having a more organized month.
Let's do this!


Contain yourself.

Junk drawer runneth over? Don't get caught in the undertow. Dump out the contents, pitch broken items, and sort the rest, putting like items together.

If you tend to pile things, consider using storage with lids, such as drawers or shoe boxes. This will encourage you to weed stuff out when you can't fit any more in.

Our Writers' Responses
I have one of those six cubby shelves that accumulates miscellaneous items every day. I dump out the bins once a month and put everything back in their appropriate spots or I get rid of said item, because if I haven't needed it in a month, then I probably don't need it. Depends on the item. My parents have a junk drawer - I have junk cubbies. However, last week while writing this post, I attacked those cubbies and broke everything down to 3 very stuffed cubbies. Haha.

The junk drawer in my house is definitely a problem. I always clean it out, but between my husband and I, it seems to get filled back up fast. Whenever there's something that we don't know what to do with, we just drop it in there. I saw cute drawer organizers at Target and I'm going to buy them to keep the drawer more organized!

Ah, the junk drawer. Most houses have at least one. That is the place where odds and ends take up space and create unwanted clutter. Something I am proud of? The fact that my apartment does not have a junk drawer. This was a conscious decision after seeing the never-ending pile of junk collect in the drawer at my parents' house. Sadly, junk still exists in my space despite my best efforts. So this month, I am trying to tidy things and eliminate clutter wherever possible.


This was the perfect thing for me to do! After a super busy summer of pretty much gutting and redoing the house, I had to put my work on hold and I was ready to get back to it! Only issue? My desk became a clutter zone! So, I took the time to clean it off, clean it out, and clean it up - now, I can actually set my computer there!

I was actually holding on to my smashed computer, broken planters, and a CD player that doesn't work. Why? I have no idea. Today, they are gone. There is a believe that one needs to make room for new things to come. If your house and life is filled with clutter and junk, there will be no room for the good things waiting to come your way.

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