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Life is an art form that is constantly changing,
it is not determined by appearances, experiences, memories, etc.
- but by what you make of it.

As we make the transition from Beauty O'holic to On Your Mark...
I thought it would be best to bring your favorite writer's with me.

Everyone, I would love for you to meet:

Deanna is a 21-year-old blogger at Smear, writer, freelancer, home-owner and wife.    She lives in Canada with her husband, cat, and the husky she has had since she was the age of 6!     Growing up home-schooled gave Deanna a chance to follow her passions. By the age of 18, she had her first story accepted by a publisher! When she isn't busy writing (either for herself or for someone else in order to pay the bills!) she can be found working through a stack of books, trying to figure out a DIY she found on Pinterest, reviewing places/things/people, or taking a little time to work on her list of goals - which is much longer than she'd like to admit!

Shannon Boyce is twenty something with a passion for all things beautiful. Makeup, fashion, travel, and more! She received her BA from York University and is now a freelance writer and editor. In addition to writing for several online publications, she also runs her own beauty blog, the creation of beauty is art. In her spare time, she can be found reading, working on her YouTube channel, and spending time with family.
My name is Tami. I'm a twenty-something full-time daycare teacher aide and part-time freelance writer. I live with my husband and cat in a tiny town that I love. I'm a goal-digger, a bookworm, and an animal-lover. I've pretty much have been writing ever since I learned how to. You can find my own blog at theinspirationlady.com. When I'm not taking care of toddlers or writing, I can usually be found curled up with a book, having fun with my hubby, or spending time outside.

Denise is a 40 something writer, librarian, and yoga instructor. She sums up her life in five words - art, books, fitness, nature, and cars. She has been married for 18 years to her high school sweetheart and together they have raised two daughters. She believes in community service and is an active volunteer for several organizations. In early 2016, with a team of amazing women, she created the charity Prairie Bear Books, that works to get books into the homes of children who for various reasons, lack books in their homes.

Hope Jennings is a twenty something with a passion for traveling and shopping. She's a freelance writer, but also a single mother of a beautiful little girl. Hope is our former Lead Blogger for Beauty O'holic. She currently resides in Southern California. She loves finding hew and amazing products and spreading the word to others.

Writer's Coming Soon!

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