Saturday, July 8, 2017

REVIEW!! Amazing Showerless Shave Gel!?! What?!

Good Afternoon Everyone!

While I wasn't posting much a few months ago, that doesn't mean I wasn't checking my email and accepting products for reviews! I totally was! This was one of them!!!

A young lady, Katie, contacted me a few months ago asking if she could send me a product to review... a product that has never been made before. I was skeptical and my very first thought was that there is already a TON of stuff that has been made previously, but this might just be a different packaging or formula than what's already on the market. Boy, was I wrong!!

Six weeks after agreeing to write a review in exchange for the full-size product for myself, I received this little beauty in the mail! Honestly, I completely forgot that it was it was a nice surprise! Check out this clean and slick packaging...smooth to the touch feel...maybe it was a hint on the actual product itself?! I was about to find out!

First off...while It Works has many many products to choose from...there isn't a product competition here. It Works doesn't have a product like shaving this point. I don't know what they plan on making in the future, but right now...they don't have one. But, Busy Beauty definitely has a shaving gel that is to die for! So, let's go back to the review...

Shaving Gel? like's the goop you would style your hair with, but this is for your legs! Have you ever heard of Busy Beauty Rocks?! Me either! However, I may just purchase the shaving gel, because of the packaging being sooo silky...but were my legs silky smooth after using too or would a generic bottle of shaving cream knock out this new up-in-coming brand?!

Now, I didn't take pictures of me shaving...but like the bottle being a silky smooth, so were my legs. I even made my bestie try it!

You don't need a thick coat, but I did find myself using more gel than I do shaving cream to get the coverage I wanted before shaving. However, if you don't shave quick enough, your skin will absorb the gel - at least it's hydrating. So, I would suggest putting the gel on, then shaving the area, before moving onto another part of the leg. I actually enjoy lathering the whole leg and then shaving all at once. This also doesn't lather...remember it's a gel, not a cream. It glides on, you shave it off - you just need to rise the need at ALL to be in the shower to shave your legs.

After using the product, I visited their webpage to see where I can purchase more. However, I'm assuming because their so NEW, they won't be on the shelves of any local least they weren't for me. So, checking on the price on their page and for a 3.4 fl oz bottle...a $14.99 price is a little steep for me.

If you're a mom on a budget or even a couponer...buying one of these compared to anything in the grocery store won't compare. Quality - yes, this is MUCH better than anything I've tried! Quantity - no, I rather stock up on multiple shaving creams at the store and use multiples coupons and apps that save me $$!

But seriously, if you would like to try it out for yourself...visit their webpage here and use their coupon code WELCOME for a 20% discount at checkout!

Review of the product itself: *****
Review of the product price: ***
Overall: B-

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