Friday, September 9, 2016

Day 9 of 30 to a More Organized You

Today is our nineth day to having a more organized month.
Let's do this!


Give yourself time.

Starting today, turn off the television one extra hour per day. Use the found time to attack the stacks, incorporating papers into your new filing system.

Begin going to bed half an hour earlier. The day's end is usually nonproductive, and the extra energy you'll gain means you can accomplish twice as much tomorrow.

Our Writers' Responses
While two of these three challenges are a piece of cake for me, there is one that will always remain a challenge - no matter what I do. The amount of time I don't watch TV isn't a problem. I occasionally reward myself with watching the News or the Weather channels, but a majority of things you can find on YouTube. I need the internet, not a TV. Paper monsters taking over your desk? Well, they were clearly attacking mine the other day. While, for the moment, I only moved those monsters to another part of the room, I will be sorting through them before the weekend in preparation of an upcoming party.

The third challenge of this day is a true everlasting challenge for me. Going to bed earlier - no matter if it's 30 minutes or 2 hours. I am a full blown night-owl. No matter what type of job you have, sleep is always the key to a healthy lifestyle. Gym days, I can accomplish getting to bed before 10 pm (however, Mark is also a night-owl and he's been known to be up longer than me, but still remain in the bed).

Time always seems to be working against me. I have a massive to do list waiting for me when I get home from work each day. Perhaps this is why it feels overwhelming to devote time to my new filing system. It's not that I don't watch TV, but I typically watch it while doing other things. Like writing, cleaning, blogging, or editing. So, this particular challenge will be extra difficult for me. To make time when there isn't any. But I can certainly try. I will aim to set aside a bit of time each day for myself. Fingers crossed!

Turning the TV off for a little bit longer each day can be useful in making a dent in our To-Do lists. Today, I got rid of papers that I no longer need. Recycling old envelopes, magazines, and catalogues and filing bills and receipts.

I confess that Netflix is my weakness. I usually turn it off when I'm doing important work, because multitasking isn't good for me - and it slows me down. I'm definitely going to do this challenge every day, so that I can focus better and get even more done, distraction-free.

I actually don't watch TV! Since my husband and I bought our house, we haven't. We decided it wasn't something we thought it was worth paying for. And since I got rid of my cable, oh my god, it has been amazing for my productivity. I get so much more done!

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