Thursday, June 2, 2016

How To Organize Your Closet The Way You Want

Hello Everyone,

You know that we would all love an organized closet... I know I would. The key for a great closet is, of course, organization. Even the smallest items need a proper place.

One tip I found online was: 'Consider translucent accessory cases that show off your best finds while keeping them in a tidy space.' While that may work for most people, I can't stand translucent drawers. If you're going to organize your closet to when you open the door(s), it looks organized, a translucent drawer isn't going to show that. It is going to show that you've crammed 'stuff' into a drawer. I would suggest you stick with a solid color drawer for those small accessories.

You can make your own space feel fancy no matter the size by hanging bold accents, a overhead light and a dramatic mirror.

Flowers are not just for coffee tables. There's something special about seeing beautiful blooms next to your prized fashion pieces.

If you don't have a walk-in closet already built in, make one yourself. A hanging rack and extra shelving are not only practical if you live in a small place, but they double as décor when you showcase your best pieces.

Arrange clothes by color to help you choose. Staging at its finest!


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