Friday, September 23, 2016

Day 23 of 30 to a More Organized You

Today is our twenty-third day to having a more organized month.
Let's do this!

Don't miss your calling.

No more missing telephone messages! Hang a small bulletin board near your phone and subdivide it with masking tape. Each member of the clan will have a space for his or her "while-you-were-out" slips.

Save time with your own personal yellow pages. Use a three-ring binder to organize frequently used numbers. Create sections for take-out menus, school car-pool lists and a church directory.

Our Writer's Responses
Great idea! Going to buy a whiteboard for this and put it right above my phone! Although working at home let's me answer the phone most of the time, it's always good to be prepared!

While my parents do still have a home phone, I don't give the number out to anyone because I never receive any of my own messages. We've had note pads, the save method on the voicemail, we've had whiteboards, etc. Nothing has worked. So, I no longer give anyone the number; only my cell phone.

I do not have a house phone. This is becoming more and more common. My husband and I use our cell phones for calls, texts, and everything else we need. That definitely makes it easier to avoid those those dreaded missed messages. If someone needs me, they contact me directly. There is no hoping and praying that someone will actually deliver a telephone messages! It is a much better system, if you ask me. I suspect that before long, house phones will become a thing of the past.

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