Sunday, September 4, 2016

Day 4 of 30 to a More Organized You

Today is our fourth day to having a more organized month.
Let's do this!

Less is more.

Less clutter means more time saved by not having to take care of it. Circle quickly through the house and grab items you obviously neither need nor want. Stow in a cardboard box in the closet. You'll add to the collection during the next 26 days.

Streamline shelves, mantels and other display areas. Too many knickknacks can stress out your psyche.

Our Writers' Responses
Clutter in my house, goes hand-in-hand with all the paper monsters. Especially, since I also run a donation group out of my house, clutter can build up quickly. First of all, toddler's have sticky fingers and strongly believe in their own "five-finger-discount" world. They see anything within arms reach, they will move it. As soon as that happens, it now becomes clutter.

I have three buckets that I divide everything into. Anything that needs to be repaired, such as needs new batteries or needs a new screw is tossed into the left bin. The middle bin is anything that Mark and I have out-grown or is now too big (he's growing and I'm losing weight). I also put any toys in here that he's has out-grown, so I can welcome newer toys that are more age appropriate. The right bin is anything that I find around the house and we are keeping. Later on, I take this bin back around the house and put the items from the box in their rightful homes. I do this about twice a month. The major clutter sweeps (what I call them) in my house, I do alone. Every day before bed, Mark is taught to put his own toys away for the following day. If he's going to bed, so are his toys.

I am using an old diaper box for this month's collections. While I'm sure I'll need a few or even a giant garbage bag, at least it's a start in the right direction.

Oh, clutter... my old friend. I will be honest and admit to my pack rat tendencies. I am known for having sentimental attachments to pretty much everything I own. Toys from my youth, clothes that rarely see the light of day, posters, papers, memorabilia, books, and a million other things. When I got married (just over a year ago) I did in fact try to get rid of unnecessary items. Actually, there were about four garbage bags that wound up in the donation bin. Despite this? My pack rat tendencies persist. There is so much that I am still hanging on to. More than I could possibly use or need.

I have set aside an empty cardboard box. It is in a very visible spot in my apartment. I hope this will make me more likely to fill it up as the month goes on. Yes, it is time to de-clutter my life.

Clutter is something I need to bid in the bud! Living in the country means that I have no recycling, and I always say I'm going to take bags of recycles into town when I go, so this month I'm going to make a dent in it! Recently, I've been working on that, and I even covered in on SMEAR. See what happens when I decluttered for a week, clicky.

Less is more. Stuff can be enticing and it can be tempting to surround our stuff. But, where are you the most happy? I love being in the middle of the woods surrounded by trees, listening for the birds. A day at the lake - diving in the refreshing water and basking in the sun fills me with delight. A trip to visit my grandma for tea, cookies and a chat can make for a perfect afternoon. Focus less on stuff and more on creating time and space for yourself to make great memories.

Last month, I wrote a post on my blog about things that I do at the beginning of every month and one of those things was declutter my home. So once a month, I take a cardboard box or bad and go around my house getting rid of anything I don't need or want anymore. This really helps me keep my house decluttered and if you keep up with doing it every month, it doesn't take you much time at all to accomplish it.

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