Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Day 56 ~ Remodel, Hurricanes and Organizing

Today, I've been thinking about next month's 30-Day Challenge and looking over the topics. I'm always looking to plan ahead in my future posts and figure out what I'm going to organize next, so I can write about it. A friend of mind had mentioned last night how I needed a separate space for my side business, away from the bedroom. While I would totally love that, there isn't much more room in this house to move or grow, unless I were to completely remodel my room...again.

So, I started mentally moving future around while I stared at each item in the room. I need to find a way that I can remodel or move furniture into another part of the house that would greatly benefit everyone else, as well as be able to provide some extra room in the bedroom. What can I get rid of? You know, I seriously just remodeled a few months ago... I think I have an obsession with change. 

While Mark is sleeping, I sorted through some of his toy bins in the bedroom and decided to move them back into the family room. He doesn't really need them in the bedroom, to only take them back into the family room. So, bingo! First thing I need to organize are Mark's toy cubby's. A few days ago, this was just an idea, but it actually happened tonight. So, now I have some empty cubby shelves sitting in the corner of my room, while I try to figure out where I'm going to put them.

I love the cubby shelves with the canvas bins. You can put so much in those bins and your room will still look presentable to a visitor.

Earlier today, I wanted to run some errands with little man before our lovely tropical storm we're having makes it's appearance. Right before running out the door, Mark took a turn and started acting funny, like as if he were in pain. It was very heartbreaking to find out that not only was he completely constipated, but he was having major difficulty going #2 on his own. After holding him and trying to calm him down, then placing him in a warm bath and holding him again, he was able to pass it on his own. However, after 30 minutes of crying and screaming in pain (there was literally nothing he would let me do), he just wanted to be cuddled. Unfortunately, the dirty jobs of being a mom, you will surprisingly do whatever it takes to make your child pain-free. Seriously!

I did, unfortunately, have to get out of the house and finish those errands before the storm, so I left Mark with my sister for cuddle time, while I went out for a few hours. I grabbed a few cases of water, some fresh fruit and veggies, some meat, some snacks for little man, some coffee (because if a hurricane comes - I need my coffee), and some other odds and ends stuff. Now, for hurricanes, the normal things to buy are extra batteries for flash lights, TONS of water, some gasoline (if your cars are drivable), etc. Sometimes sandbags are needed, but only if you live in lower land areas (which I don't).

First, this isn't a hurricane - this is a tropical storm. It will literally be a joke of some rain and wind by me. I won't even have to take any of Mark's toys in from outside.

Second - There are two types of people in Florida, when it comes to the weather. 
  1. Prepared - it's just rain, a little wind, you have batteries, food, sandbags, flashlights, cases of water for your family, plus a weather radio/tv, a spot in your room in case it gets really bad, you've boarded up windows, all your outdoor tools, toys, etc. are in your garage and safe, etc. These people are calm, anxious, worried, but are still having a beer and riding out the storm.
  2. Don't Care - the individuals who go out having hurricane parties with the potential of getting killed because the laws no longer apply to them, even if the state has issues an emergency warning and police have told them to evacuate the area. Good luck! Nice knowing you. They are either going to jail for breaking some laws because they think it was funny or they die somehow in the storm.
I've seen both types of people during hurricanes and it's usually much worse the stronger the storm or how frequent they are. I can probably write a whole book (no joke) on my experiences with hurricanes in Florida. At the time the three hurricanes came through Central Florida in less than a few weeks, I was in school studying to become a meteorologist. And, I remember and will always remember the look on my mom's face when I asked her to tie me to the front door while I video taped the storm.

One last thing before I go back to my original post... the scariest sound I've ever heard from a hurricane is the sound of train next to your window. The winds moving in between houses at a high speed, sounds like a train engine ready to crash into your house. It is the coolest, yet scariest thing I've ever heard a hurricane do. 

Back to the post... after I got back from the errands and unloaded the car, Mark and I had lunch and I finally got him to take a nap 3 hours after he was supposed to. He was definitely one tired baby, who wanted to wait for mama to get home.

But, enough for tonight... Mark wants some cuddles and I'm exhausted. Good night everyone.

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