Thursday, September 1, 2016

4 Fun Activity Date Ideas

Written By: Shannon

Have you noticed? The time you and your significant other spend together is anything but active. Most evenings are full of Netflix, elaborate dinners, or movie dates. No wonder an estimated 60% of people gain weight once they settle into a relationship. Between high-calories meals and sedentary activities... it is bound to happen. Well, it doesn't have to be that way. These dates ideas will help you have fun, stay fit, and break that dinner-and-a-movie rut once and for all.

Go Rollerblading Together. There is nothing quite like it. Zipping around the neighbourhood while the wind blows through your hair. Rollerblading is an exciting pastime that couples can enjoy together. Just think about the benefits. It allows you to spend time together, work up a sweat, and get a little nostalgic. (Do you remember all the times you used to go rollerblading at a kid? Ahh, memories!) Be sure to start slow. Go around the block a few times on your first day out. Eventually, you can work your way up to a nearby trail or bike path.

Take a Hike and Enjoy The Scenery. Another great option? Going for a hike. This is the perfect choice for couples that want to enjoy the beauty of nature together. What could be more romantic? Picture it. You and your sweetheart are walking together while a light breeze brushes against you cheek. You can hear the sound of birds chirping and the crunch of dirt underneath your sneakers. Talk about a perfect moment. Not only is hiking romantic, but you will definitely work up a sweat. It is also a fantastic way to save some money. That's right. This activity date is totally free to do.

Rent Bicycles and Go For a Ride. Your next date doesn't have to be boring or bland. It can be something truly remarkable. All it takes is the right activity. Consider going for a bike ride the next time you and your partner have a free afternoon. (It's okay if you don't have your own bicycles on hand. You can always rent or borrow them!) This is a fantastic way to burn some calories and really challenge yourself. Choose a nearby bike path or go for a ride around the neighbourhood. You will have a blast.

Dance The Night Away. Exercise doesn't always have to feel like exercise. Being active can be as simple as changing up your date night activity. Instead of sitting at a bar on a Saturday night... go our dancing. A night at the club allows you to be social, let loose, and torch calories. (An hour of dancing can burn up to 300 calories. So keep moving and skip the sugary cocktails!) That's not all. This activity also gives you the opportunity to get dressed up and get flirty with your partner. It is the perfect choice for a fun night out. There are so many ways to get active. Forget about Netflix and chill. This season? Try out on of these fun activity date ideas.

It is possible to get a good workout without feeling like you're doing it. How? Get dancing! Head out for a night at the club - but ditch the overpriced drinks. Step out on the dance floor and rip it up instead. Just letting loose can help you burn a ton of calories, get nice and flirty with your partner, and still be in a social environment. This is a great idea if the weather outside is bad or if you're celebrating a birthday.

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