Saturday, September 24, 2016

Day 24 of 30 to a More Organized You

Today is our twenty-fourth day to having a more organized month.
Let's do this!

It's a wrap.

Photographs don't require albums to be orderly. Acid-free photo file boxes, which include archivally safe envelopes for sorting and identifying, are a quicker solution.

Pitch blurry and interior photos. Do you really need more than a few great shots to represent your vacation?

Our Writer's Responses
Every major trip, I always take anywhere between 500-1000 pictures. No joke. About 10 usually make their way into a collage filled with inspiration quotes. I don't print them however, due to living at home I have limited wall space. I'm sure one entire wall will be filled with pictures, in my new place. I make a collage on the computer with 10 pictures and up to 5 inspiration quotes and leave it as my desktop for a good amount of time. It's something I'll look at every day and the quotes will always tell me something new and different about myself. If you create your own collage, have fun with it. Make it something to look forward to each and every day.

Photos are important to me. I love to take them, display them, and look back through old albums. It's like taking a step back in time - to a happy memory or meaningful moment. That love of photographs can make organization an issue. How do I store them? Display them? Enjoy them? For me, it varies. I like to take two or three pictures from a special trip or event and put them into a collage style frame. Those are hung up throughout the apartment and in my office. Everything else is posted on Facebook, stored on my computer, or is kept in a photo box. It's not a perfect system but it works!

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