Sunday, September 11, 2016

Day 11 of 30 to a More Organized You

Today is our eleventh day to having a more organized month.
Let's do this!

Fashion a workable wardrobe.

Close the door on clothes you don't wear. Resolve to buy wardrobe basics that mix-and-match easily. Avoid trendy garments, employing fashionable accessories to keep an outfit current.

Be honest with yourself. If an outfit no longer fits right, get rid of it. Note the colors that look best on you - if your eyes sparkle when you put it on, it's right for you.

Enroll in boot camp! Give infrequently worn shoes their "marching orders." They belong in the donation box.

Our Writer's Responses
I'm actually spending the entire month doing this. Why? Last week, I went through my closet and removed everything that I haven't touched in a while. This week, I'm removing items that I've worn in the past, but no longer like. Next week, I'm trying everything on and getting rid of what no longer fits. As I have been losing weight, things are starting to fit differently. Some good, some not do good. Some of my jeans are now too loose, while some of my tops look different, but still presentable.

Once I get my wardrobe more organized, I'll pair different items together to create different outfits. The more basic your clothes are, the easier they are to work with. Anything that has a vibrant pattern on it, won't be easy to pair with.

I've found a list online to help you well as our sister site's post on how to build a better wardrobe... Beauty O'holic's Build Your Wardrobe.

There are so many things I hold onto. Mementos, souvenirs, and of course, clothes. I have never been one to relinquish items from my wardrobe. Even if the clothes no longer fit right or they don't suit my current style. I don't know why...but there is something upsetting to me about getting rid of clothes. Perhaps it is because I love fashion so much. I want to find a way to make things work. Going through my closet is a long overdue task. I knew there were things I did not wear, would not wear, and did not look good on me. After a very glum afternoon of sorting through old clothes, I wound up donating a full garbage bag of items. It was not easy to do, but my wardrobe definitely needed a little TLC!

I just recently did this! I am so bad for not getting rid of clothes I've only worn once. I just.... love them even though some aren't practical for me to be wearing day to day. I'm lucky enough to have some storage, so I packed them all up and sent them to storage! Also, recently I got into something I love: clothing prep. Clothings preps at the beginning of everything week! I've talked about it here - but in short: It's life changing.

So often with fashion we settle. I encourage the women in my life, whether they are teens or seniors - if you don't love it, don't buy it. There is no question that many women suffer from body image issues and this can make it hard to go clothes shopping. Yet, I have found the changing room can be a wonderful place. Make sure you have lots of time and be open and willing to try many things.

I've been wanting to completely make over my wardrobe for a while now. Whenever I buy a new item for my wardrobe, I get rid of 2 of my older items. When I  buy new clothes, I mostly stick to basics and simple pieces that fit me well. They're easier to mix up and accessorize.

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