Thursday, September 15, 2016

Day 15 to 30 to a More Organized You

Today is our fifteenth day to having a more organized month.
Let's do this!

Money matters.

As each bill arrives, open it, note the "pay by" date and write it on the outside of the envelope. Stack chronologically, with the next to be paid always on top. Each morning, glance at the top bill to see if anything needs to go out that day.

Or purchase a pre-labeled 1 to 31 sorter, available at office supply stores. When bills arrive, slip into the slot that corresponds to their chosen pay-by date. A bonus: You can also file theater tickets and greeting cards by the date you'll need them.

Our Writer's Responses
As I receive bills, I mark them on my calendar when they are due. I have them written on my desk calendar, as well as in my calendar on my phone complete with alarms. That way, I am sure to be on a budget and make sure that no bills bounce and put me into the negatives. As long as you're on a budget, I think there is less stress involved when worrying about if you're going to be able to cover your next phone bill or, if you'll even make rent this month. If I don't input the bills into my calendar when I see them, I will definitely miss a deadline. I pay everything online, so if anything were needed to be paid in person, I would find a way to pay it that week, so I don't forget.

I actually don't get paper bills, but I do have a folder that they all go into in my inbox!

I still miss the days of my youth. When bills were something adults dealt with. Now, I have to write everything in my planner to stay on top of it all. When is rent due? What about the internet bill? Our phone bills? Insurance? Needless to say, I need a better organizational system in place. That is why I am trying out this envelope method. I have managed to get everything sorted out so far. I am optimistic that I can keep up with it... and remember to pay the bills on time.

I can be bad with bills. I stack them in piles or pop them in my purse... then forget about them. For me, I have found what works is paying bills as soon as they arrive. Then, I can file them away, recycle the envelope and forget about them.

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