Thursday, September 1, 2016

Day 1 of 30 to a More Organized You

Today is our first day to having a more organized month.
Let's do this!

Define what "simple" means to you.

A simple life doesn't look the same to everyone. Think about what needs to be changed and why.

Fill in the blanks:

If my life were simple, I would ______, and I wouldn't _____. If I had _____, my life would be easier.

Our Writers' Responses


Oh, the simpler times... when we were children and didn't have to worry about financial or personal responsibilities. How we longed for getting our own letters and credit card approvals in the mail...but as soon as we hit 18 years old...BOOM! Automatic responsibilities. But, now that we have these responsibilities, how can we make our lives more simple?

If my life were simple, I would travel with my son and explore all the cultures of the world; I wouldn't take anything for granted or worry about climbing the employment ladder for a better future. If I had my responsibilities even cut in half, I would push my passions to the ultimate limit.


It is something we all dream of. Living a simpler life with less stress and fewer responsibilities. While many of us long for often feels impossible and out of reach. That is the beauty of the Day 1 question. It forces us to give thought to the reality of our lives and determine our own definition of simple. This is mine.

If my life were simple, I would devote my life entirely to my passions (writing, reading, blogging, filming) without worrying about financial gain, and I wouldn't waste my time working at an unfulfilling job to get by. If I had the financial freedom to focus on my creative spirit, my life would be easier.


If my life were simple, I would do what I love, and I wouldn't worry. Easy life isn't any fun! It's the busy, exciting, and sometimes hard that makes life fun!

Simple, to me, means uncomplicated. It doesn't necessarily mean easier, it just means less stressful. Simplicity is a good thing to my. If my life were more simple, it would mean that I could spend more time on my creative outlets without having to worry so much about life's boring adult responsibilities, crappy jobs, and other complicated things.

Life can be simple, or at least simpler. Sometimes it boils down to just doing what we know we should, and not doing what we know we shouldn't. One area I struggle with simplicity is with food. I love foods like lasagna, Caesar salad, garlic bread and cheesecake. However, I know that when I eat simple, most of the time I feel better. Sometimes I struggle with keeping my food choices simple and wholesome. I wish I could embrace greater simplicity in my food choices.

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