Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Day 20 of 30 to a More Organized You

Today is our twentieth day to having a more organized month.
Let's do this!

Update catalogs.

Let go of some of your many catalogs. Pick the ones you like the best and call the rest to have yourself removed from their mailing lists.

When requesting a catalog, specify you don't want them to share or sell your name.

Keep all catalogs in one basket, and it will be easy to find the outdated one to recycle when the new one arrives.

Our Writer's Responses
I, literally, just cleaned out about 4 1/2 garbage bags of magazines and catalogs last month from my garage. Once I read through the articles I wanted, I would hang onto the magazines in hopes of needing any of the pictures for scrap booking, random projects or a dream board. But, I never needed them until last month, when I created a dream/motivation board for myself. I went back through each magazine and catalog, clipping fresh recipe pictures and anything that was self-motivating, then tossed the rest of the magazine/catalog. There was no need to keep them for this long, but after making my motivation board; I'm glad I did.

Oh, magazines. They continue to be my downfall. I remember before I moved out, I used to have stacks of magazines around my bedroom. They were everywhere. There were magazines so old they didn't even exist anymore! (I'm talking YM and Teen People old.) It seems that I am a bit of a hoarder when it comes to magazines. Even though I went through all of those magazines before I moved out... it has been a little over a year and the same thing has happened again. The solution? I went through all of my magazine stacks, cut out pages to keep, and recycled the rest. It wasn't easy (in fact, it was pretty awful) but there is a lot less clutter in my office.

I used to have so many magazines, because I had to keep every magazine that had something I liked in it. Instead, I started just cutting those photos out and pasting them into a scrap book. Much less clutter, and every page I turned is filled with my favourite pictures.

I'm super nit-picky about the mailing lists I have, and since my lovely library has digital magazines, I don't need to get any myself - although, I do love to spoil myself with a copy of Psychology Today!

This is something I should have done a while ago! I somehow get subscribed to magazines I didn't subscribe to all the time, plus I have subscriptions I've been meaning to cancel. I threw away a lot of old ones and unsubscribed from the unwanted ones online.

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