Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Day 13 to 30 to a More Organized You

Today is our thirteenth day to having a more organized month.
Let's do this!

Ready, set, go!

Create and eye-catching spot for outgoing items: packages to mail, clothes headed for the dry cleaners, a stack of coupons for the grocery store.

A plastic milk crate in the trunk of your car can hold everything headed back home. It's lightweight and easy to transport into the house.

Our Writer's Responses
Instead of using something vibrant, I actually just leave my stuff on the dining room table and grab it before I leave to run errands. Unfortunately, when you have toddler, if you leave anything unattended below a table, they automatically take possession over it.

I have a pretty bag I love to carry. It is great for putting items that need to go places - mail to be sent, items to be dropped off, etc. Carrying something pretty always puts a smile on my face.

Everyone talks about spring cleaning. Well, it seems that Fall is all about organization for me. Suddenly, those tasks that were ignored all Summer long are looking me straight in the eye! That is why I have decided to totally re-do our front area. It is still a work in-progress, but by the time it is finished? Everything will have a spot. There will be a specific area (and a colourful box) for things to be donated, a small file holder for bills, mail, and flyers, and a proper recycling bin for boxes and cans that need to be taken down. No more piling things at the door and leaving them. It is time for a change.

Since I sell a lot of things online, this is something I should've done a while ago, haha. So now I have a cube organizer that I bought not long ago by the door for packages, library books, etc. It makes things look more organized!

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