Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Day 7 of 30 to a More Organized You

Today is our seventh day to having a more organized month.
Let's do this!

It's a date.

Get a grip on the everyday challenge of who-what-where-when with a purse-size calendar. Note phone calls you need to make, tasks that need to be completed and, of course, appointments.

Date all papers. Be sure to include the year! You'll save time later when you're trying to figure out if information is recent enough to be useful.

Our Writers' Responses
I actually have two personal purse-size calendars/planners. One is for my everyday things to do, bill due dates, Mark's gym classes, my scheduling gym time, my weigh in days and so on. My other planner is for my side job, such as party planning, current orders, new customer meet & greets and team meetings. To help myself stay organized and ahead of the game, I need to be able to separate those world with the help of a personal organizer.

Another thing that this challenge will help you with is organizing those papers scattered all over your house. You save papers why? To refer back to them for whatever reason. Eventually, those papers all grow legs and call their new monster pile their home. However, if you follow this challenge and add the year to the page, during next year's spring cleaning you'll know you've had it for a while and it's time to toss. If you didn't refer to it at least once in the year that you've had it, you really don't need it.

Every women needs a personal calendar to keep things organized. If you don't have one, many 18 month calendars come out this time of year. I believe the most important thing in picking out a calendar is find one that is beautiful and makes you smile. I love ones featuring different pieces of art - that keeps me wanting to use it.

Organization? To do lists? Hardly. Growing up, I was against any and all forms of neatness. My room was a mess, my homework was a mess, and well, my life was a mess. It made me feel chaotic and out of sorts. After I finished University, I started planning out my days. That turned into a fully organized system to keep me on track. Today, I do everything I can to stay organized. I have a calendar in the kitchen (where I keep track of work schedules and major events) and a personal planner. The ladder of my life completely mapped out. Every evening, I write down my to do list for the next day. This makes me feel calm and focused.

I'm a planning and to-do list junkie, so I always have everything written down in my planner or my bullet journal. Sometimes, it feels like I have too much to-do and it's hard to keep track of it. So, I organized everything in order of priority.

Okay, I have to admit this one took me a little while to actually sit down and do. Things have been crazy busy for me with work (I had two books make it on the publishers best sellers list and that meant a lot more marketing for me!). I've also been helping two amazing charities get ready for an event. But once I finally sat down and did this, I'm so glad that I did! Everything feels so much more organized!

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