Monday, August 29, 2016

The Topics of August 2016

So, if you've been following along these last few weeks, you would have noticed that all of the writers, myself included have taken the time to write about the same topic with our own points of views, experiences, recipes, etc. The posts run in a line, but the writer's are in a different order each week. If you have been following along, thank you. If you haven't been following along, no worries, you can go back and read about our other two topics about morning routines and what's inside our makeup bags.

By clicking on each of the names below, you will be redirected to each of their posts for that particular weekly topic.

Our Writer's Morning Routine's

Our Writer's Makeup Bags

What Motivates Our Writer's

Now, I think, like with Beauty O'holic, we will be bringing back weekly topics. It seems to be more organized and everyone can participate and voice their own opinions. Thus, showing our readers - we are just like everyone else.

You might not like the topic of the week, but you're a die hard fan of one of the other writers. That's okay & thank you for that! There will be a wide range of topics. If you followed us from Beauty O'holic, you know we always have something up our sleeves.

How do we come up with our weekly topics?
As much as I would love to have topics planned WAY in advance, there are a lot of things I would write about as a mother, that another writer wouldn't be able to write about, as he/she may not have children. So, topics that revolve around Motherhood, such as "How To Get Your Toddler To Focus On His Toys & Not Sharpies," would be a topic a mother/father/grandfather/grandmother/aunt/uncle would write about. Or maybe a teacher would also write about topics like that. Yes, that topic that I just whipped up... yeah... I wish that was more of a joke than reality...*insert resting bitch face*.

But, back to the post... I like to get the other writer's (and even reader's) topic suggestions weeks in advance. They send me a handful of possible topics and I used to just pick at random. Now, however, I think I'm going to write them on a piece of paper and pick them out of a bowl. 

As our readers, if you would like to see a specific topic for any or all of our writer's to talk about, you can e-mail them to me and we'll bump down one of our weeks and replace it with yours.

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