Thursday, August 25, 2016

How Do I Stay Motivated?

Written By: Shannon Boyce

We all have dreams. Goals. Ambitions. Things we want to do and achieve. The only downside? When those dreams, goals, and ambitions seems to be far off and impossible. Maybe you want to drop a dress size. Get a promotion at work. Start a new career. Find out who you truly are. These are all sorts of dreams! The things about making them happen? Some days are better than others. You might feel like everything is within your grasp at the start of the week, but by the time the weekend rolls around, you are less than optimistic. Motivation is the key. It will push you forward - even when you feel like giving up completely.

There are many things I want to achieve in my own life. I have fitness goals, career goals, and personal goals. Each one requires a daily commitment. Oh and plenty of motivation. Here are some of the ways that I stay motivated day in and day out.

Write Down My Goals. (And Update My Goal List). The best way to stay motivated? Write down your goals. It is one thing to have them floating around your head. It is quite another to put paper to pen. Writing down your goals makes them feel real. Tangible. They become so much more than something you want. They become goals that you are actively making happen. So write them down! Then refer to that list often. Check in with it. Update your goals often. Create both long-term and short-term goals. Remember, this is your opportunity to create a plan of action. The list is not just a place for your to write down what you want. It allows you to look ahead and determine how you will reach milestone after milestone. Knowing what you want? Having clear goals? Motivation will be coursing through your veins.

Read Books That Keep Me Focused. Reading has always been one of my favorite pastimes. Which is why words keep me so motivated. It doesn't matter if I am looking for a little fitness inspiration, am ready to do some soul searching, or simply need a bit of guidance. Books can help. There are many motivational books out there. From the classic Chicken Soup collections to the shelves upon shelves of self-help books. It really depends on what you want. What you need to push forward. Currently there are two books that are keeping me focused. They are: Strong Looks Better Naked by Khloe Kardashian and The Woman's Book Of Joy by Eileen Campbell. The first book is about falling in love with fitness and becoming your best self from the inside out. The second deals with connecting to your true self. It focuses on the idea of letting go of the things that hold us back in life. Find books that inspire you. They will become a daily source of motivation.

Find Ways To Stay Positive. It is easy to lose sight of things. Often, I am guilty of letting the little things drag down my mood and ultimately my day. Which is why it is so vital to boost positivity. A positive state of mind can mean the difference between achieving your goals and letting life pass you by. So, find ways to stay positive! A few ideas? You can read quotes that inspire you, repeat mantras each morning and night, leave yourself mood boosting name it! Find what works for you. Just remember: when you feel good, you feel motivated.

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