Thursday, August 11, 2016

What My Morning Routine Looks Like

Written By: Tami Walker

Mornings are super important to me. I'm definitely an early-bird and I totally enjoy the "me-time" and productivity of my mornings. For the longest time, I hated waking up early and didn't have any sort of morning routine. I created one recently though, and I've written about it before. My routine is focused on creating a positive start to my day.

Here is what my morning routine currently looks like:

Wake up and Cuddles
When I first wake up, I like to relax a little bit to gently waking myself up. I do this by cuddling with my husband for a few minutes. I find that this helps me start my day in a positive mood right from the start. (He usually falls back asleep right after I leave the room, though!).

The next thing I do is drink a glass of water, put on my workout clothes and stretch a little bit. Then I walk over to the track next door to my apartment and run for about half an hour.

Shower + Stuff
After I get back home from my jog, I get right into the shower. Then I wash my face, brush my teeth, get dressed and yadda yadda yadda.

One big part of my morning's is my gratitude jar. I keep little scraps of paper next to a pretty mason jar that I decorated and I sit down and fill out at least five of the papers - writing down everything that I'm thankful for, that's happened recently. This makes me feel happy and positive. Then, if I'm in a bad mood later, I like to take out some of the papers and read them.

When I'm done practicing gratitude, I take out my planner and review my goals for the week and my daily to-do list to see what I need to work on that day and (if I have time), I might get some stuff done and check a couple of things off my lists.

When I'm done reviewing my goals, I cook breakfast for myself and my husband. It's usually something quick like eggs and toast or pancakes. Then I wake him up and we eat together.

Get Ready For The Day
When I'm done getting in a positive mindset, eating breakfast, and chatting with my husband, I usually read a little bit. After that, I put on my makeup, do my hair, etc. and get ready for the day ahead! All of this usually takes me around 2 hours.

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