Wednesday, August 24, 2016

What Motivates Me?

Written By: Tami Walker

When people ask me what motivates me, I usually draw a blank because I can draw motivation from so many different sources - motivational quotes, books that I read, my role models... It all sort of depends on what I'm being motivated to do and what-not.

But generally, in the biggest things that I do, my motivation usually comes from one (or all) of three main sources, which I'm sharing with you today!

1. Goals/To-Do Lists
I love organization and structure, so of course, I love having my goals written down, and my daily to-do lists. I love having a step-by-step plan to follow and something to challenge myself and work towards. I know it's sort of geeky, but crossing stuff off my list of goals is so satisfying to me and it motivates me to do even more!

2. My Husband + Family
My family (especially my husband!) motivates me a lot. Their constant support in everything that I do is super encouraging. Whenever I feel unmotivated or discouraged, my husband is constantly giving me pep-talks and building me back up. That's really motivating to me because it gives me confidence to keep going, and it makes me want to succeed for him too.

3. Rewards
Rewards are pretty motivating to me! It's proven that incentives make most people way more motivated to get things done, and I'm one of those people. For each of my major goals that I accomplish, I give myself a little reward. Nothing major - just a little shopping trip, a trip somewhere I've been wanting to go, or something that I've been wanting. This makes me work extra hard to do things sometimes.

What usually motivates you?

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