Thursday, August 18, 2016

My Makeup Bag Goodies

What's my secret to not looking my age? (I've actually had people ask me that.) Probably the lack of makeup I wear. I don't wear makeup every day; even before I became a mama. I wasn't a makeup kind-of-girl. My sister is and always has been.

I know the purpose of makeup and what different areas of the face to highlight and contour, but it's just not my thing. I've played sports with and without makeup (mainly just hitting the gym) and when you sweat, you don't want to wear a ton of makeup. I've also don't have the urge to do anything but a ponytail with my hair, but that's a different post. Before we go completely off topic, let's get back to what's inside my makeup bag...shall we?

Some girls within the blogging and even vlogging worlds, to me, can go overboard with their makeup. If I can't be ready, as in fully dressed with hair and makeup done in less than 20 minutes, it becomes boring for me. 

Can you put ALL your makeup on in less than 20 minutes? I can.

Let's take a look...

I usually only carry a lipstick/lipgloss with me in my purse throughout the day. I never bring along my bag of makeup with me, even when I travel. I grab a few basic items and leave the rest home. I just need enough to get the job done, if I ended up going out to dinner somewhere nice.

My makeup stayed pretty much the same until I had Mark, you can see my what I had before becoming a mama and this post will show what I have now.

First Steps...

Next Step...

Last Step...

There is it...super simple and minimal. 

What do I take on vacation with me? My primers, foundation, mascara and eye shadows.

What's inside your makeup bag?


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