Friday, August 26, 2016

What Fuels My Motivation?

For the last two days, you've read about what motivates my fellow writer's Tami and Shannon. Tomorrow, you will read about Deanna's motivation.

My motivation is channeled into two different areas. Everyone has different things that motivate them. I'm an inspirational quote junkie; my personal Facebook page is filled with them. I post hem mainly for me. While I may be in a good place this year or the year after, I may be down in the dumps and need some uplifting words that I posted today, for example.

Lifestyle (Working Out/Paleo/It Works)
Now, if you've been reading all my posts thus far, you'll know that I have an insane personality, especially when it comes to saying motivated for working out, eating right ~ staying healthy overall. So, when I find a unique motivational quote that also sums up my personality, I have to share it. Here are a few of my latest finds... some are serious, some will make you laugh.

Instead of listing out what I have as my goals, I'm going to show you what my Motivation Board looks like. While I'm still in the process of adding stuff, there will be a few things, possibly drawings sticking out on the sides surrounding the frame.

Little Man & Mama
No matter what we plan, there is only one thing that keeps me motivated...

Baby Bunny meets Baby Mark (he was 3 months old)
3 Days Old

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