Saturday, October 1, 2016

October Fitness Challenge

Hey Everyone!

While I usually do daily updates about my workout routines and current paleo meals, I think this would be a more productive system - 1. for me not to feel so obligated daily to constantly writing everything down and 2. I'm a mom and as much as I would love to focus on hitting the gym 24/7, I have a son who comes first. So...transition in progress...

What are we transitioning to? Monthly fitness challenges!!! YAY!!! I hope to continue this tradition every month...until *poof* I'm gone! Hahaha... just kidding... but I love being healthy and working out, so why not make a fun challenge every month for you to do with me? Exactly!

While it is harder to find the time to work out with little man constantly in my bubble, I can always find time somewhere in my day. Even if I have to use him as the weight that I lift.

My workout week is usually divided for which days I hit the gym and which days I walk long distances (gotta pump up that cardio somehow).

Such as Monday's, Wednesday's, and Friday's, I'm in the gym bright and early doing a warm up, a challenging workout, then a cool down period. Tuesday's and Thursday's are usually for my long distance walks with a local walking group - nothing like motivation from a group of friends cheering you on (and I don't know any of them personally)!

So, as today is Saturday - Mark and I were focused on his T-ball this morning. That in itself is a full body workout. How? Have you ever followed 12 2-year-old's around a baseball field who insist on playing in the clay, than having to grab a bat or a glove and actually play baseball?

It is extremely difficult to do it with your own child...however, another child's parent and I have agreed to "exchange" our child for the hour of t-ball hell. Why? Most kids, of any age, will listen to an adult (who they know their parent trusts) to learn how to do something...anything. So, he took Mark to play and I took his daughter to play. They did wonderfully...for one inning. Then, all 12 toddlers did a domino effect in having meltdowns. I swear, if you sped up the video off someone's camera, you can submit it to AFV!

Breakfast before practice!
So, during this... you're walking/running after your kid to get them back to the game (because they want to go somewhere else), lifting your child (because he/she has ran so far from the field that it's necessary), throwing the balls back to the home plate, catching any balls they insist on throwing at you instead of the practice net or another child's glove, pulling your child away from another (because this is also the stage where they learn to "share" and the words "no" or "mine") so much more.

Why keep him in the sport? This actually teaches kids the beginning of discipline. Plus, they also see other kids their age doing whatever it is and they follow along. Not sure how or why it works that way, but it does. He sweats, I sweat. I get a full body workout in Florida's heat and humidity, as he gets to experience toddler meltdowns in Florida's heat and humidity. But...sooo is every other kid there. Every parent knew exactly what they were signing up for! We all paid the fee, got the uniforms, want this experience for their kids...etc. 

Plus... I get my steps in every Saturday from when we wake up to when the game ends. I get over 5,000 steps in, in only 2 hours. I'd be lucky to get that after leg day.

As this is my October Fitness Challenge, I challenge you to submit your own workout routines. Keep in mind, that I have a back injury - if I need to modify a workout, I will.

Go to Day 2!

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