Saturday, October 1, 2016

6 Reasons You Should Blog

Written By: Deanna

When I celebrate my 4 month blogaversary, I was shocked by how much blogging had changed my life! I did a post on it (here) and I couldn't believe just how amazing blogging had been for me. I started my blog to build my non-fiction portfolio, and it quickly became so much more than that. It became something that I was passionate about.
Since then, I've been a huge believer that you (yes, you) should start a blog. I think everyone should! Here are my reasons:

  1. You will find a voice. I found my voice and it was amazing. I honestly can't put into words how cool it is.
  2. You will have something to work towards. Goals, followers, views. When you start committing to growing your blog, it kind of becomes addicting. It can also give you a huge sense of pride.
  3. You'll meet people like you. And you'll make friends. Honestly, the blogging community is so amazing. They all work so hard and they know the struggle, they are always willing to help!
  4. You will realize that people care about what you have to say. It's odd, isn't it? That people actually care about what you have to say, but when I started blogging that is one of my biggest things I realized. People take your opinions and they considered them - how often does that happen in real life?
  5. Blogging is fun! Some people think of it as a business and others it's just a hobby, but blogging is meant to be fun. It's meant to be about giving yourself somewhere to express who you are. It's about connecting, and taking a risk.
  6. You might be able to make extra money off it eventually!
So, there are my 6 reasons you should be blogging, and those are just my opinions - I'd love to hear what other people could add to it!

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