Sunday, October 2, 2016

Fun Activities To Try This Fall

Written By: Shannon Boyce

Fall is a special time of year. It is full of falling leaves, changing colours, crisp air, and pumpkin spice everything. Not to mention season wardrobe staples like scarves and chunky knit sweaters. There are many reasons to love this time of year...including all of the incredible things there are to do. If you are looking for ways to celebrate the season, then keep reading. Here are some unforgettable activities to try this fall.

Go For A Walk Outside. It's true. The temperatures are dropping at a rapid pace. Gone are the days of heat and humidity. Guess what? That doesn't have to be a bad thing. The cooler weather means you can spend more time outdoors - without melting! The cool autumn air is both refreshing and enjoyable. So, go for a walk this fall. You can take a friend or loved one with you or even head out on your own. Consider checking out local hiking trails, nearby parks, or your neighborhood. This activity will give you the chance to appreciate nature, get active, and be inspired. Not a bad way to welcome in a new season!

Take On A DIY Project. Some days you just want to be warm and cozy. Especially when it is rainy outside. Not to worry! There are plenty of fun fall activities to enjoy inside. One example is a DIY project. By now, you've probably seen more than a few how-to's and do it yourself crafts on Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube. Try them! Choose one or two DIY projects (they can be easy or more complex, depending on your level of experience) and see what you can create. To really get into the fall spirit? Choose a DIY project that is seasonally themed, like glitter pumpkins, red and gold pillow covers, or decorative leaf vases. There are no limitations. Get ready for your creativity to take flight.

Bake a Homemade Pie. Mmmm...can you smell it? Apple, cinnamon, and pumpkin is hanging in the air. Nothing could be better. You don't need to light a fall candle to enjoy those seasonal scents. Just throw on your favourite apron, download a recipe, and start baking. That's right! You can treat yourself (and your loved ones) to a delicious homemade pie. It can be apple, pumpkin, or another flavour you love. Want to take this fall activity to a whole other level? Spend the morning going apple picking, then use those apples to bake your pie. It will be a full day of fun!

Get In The Halloween Mood. There are so many Halloween themed activities to try this fall. So many. You can make the month of October special by doing holiday themed crafts (like painting pictures or making pom pom ghosts), carving pumpkins, sewing your own costume, or planning a spooky party for family and friends. See? The possibilities are endless. This is the perfect time to put on your thinking cap. With a little creativity - and some fun holiday themed activities - your fall season will be absolutely fabulous.

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