Monday, August 15, 2016

Day 42 ~ What Could A Tiny Reese's Cup Do To Me?!?!

Today, was my first official "day off", as I was contacted last night that the official job didn't start until Tuesday. So, I used today to run ALL of my errands for the week ahead.

Other than having to buy new sunglasses, because Mark decided to go all HULK on my other ones, I spent a majority of the day searching for the perfect daycare for Mark. While there is no such thing as the "perfect" daycare, I needed to find one that was "budget friendly" or as friendly as it could be, close to either home or my new job, flexible on pick up times (some daycare's are open til 7 pm, but a majority of them are open until 6:30 pm), check out their educational and dietary plans, etc. 

I found some schools that Mark will never attend, just for the main fact that it's like paying for a studio apartment. While others were...unorganized, unsanitary, the staff having absolutely no interest in discussing anything so they can take your money to watch your kid during the day, etc.

While I kind of felt like Goldilocks, I did find one that felt "just right." Affordable. Walking distance to my new job. Very friendly atmosphere. Food is covered in the weekly fee. They are a uniform (just shirts) school. They are organized and clean. And...the BIG PLUS...they will help with potty training (you'd be surprised at how many daycare's don't help with that).

Mark's lunch contained a mini Reese's cup and I was prepping my lunch and ate it, without realizing what could happen to me if I ate it. Remember... Paleo for like 7-8 weeks (give or take)... yeah... it wasn't a great feeling. I was doubled over in pain for 15-30 minutes. I won't be eating one of those again. Ever. I don't let Mark eat them, because 1...they are addicting and 2... he isn't too fond of peanut butter just yet. I clearly didn't think it through before I ate it.

If you decide to do this weight loss journey with me... consider that a warning. It was the size of a nickle and it had me doubled over in pain.

Before I keep talking about my first day of work at a new company over and over again, I'm going to head to bed. The only exciting thing was when I got Mark to say "scrumptious" in a evil villain voice. I'll be posting some pictures tomorrow.

Have a good night everyone!

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