Sunday, August 14, 2016

Day 40 & 41 ~ Clothes, Groceries & Meal Prep! Plus Some Exciting News!

Day 39 - Friday (additional)...
Friday evening, I received a phone call from a local employment agency informing me that I was completely qualified for a job only 15 minutes away from me. After years of being either over-qualified or under-qualified... I started crying. While it isn't my dream job, it is a foot in the work force and I can continue applying myself for my dream job. What blew me away is that I am perfectly qualified for a job in the medical field...a field I wasn't even aiming for. I saw an employment ad and applied for it, honestly believing I wasn't going to get it (like every other job) and I got it.

I wish I had a camera on me when I received the call, as I was in tears (without sounding like I was crying on the phone). While it is only a temporary to permanent position, this will open soooo many doors to the future. While the hours aren't great, I will be off on the weekend to spend quality time with little man. The pay is great, we (Mark and I) will be able to soon call ourselves debt free, as well as have some money in our savings.

There are also four daycare's within walking distance to the job. That's mind-blowing... that never happens anywhere... parent's will know what I'm talking about. Monday, my day off, I will be checking out the pricing at each of the schools, as well as how try to read (body language) on how the teacher's interact with the other kids. I've seen potential daycare's I was interested in for Mark, but after meeting with the staff, it was an unsettling feeling for me...even if the weekly price was perfect. If I'm not comfortable with someone (and being an adult), then there is no way I am leaving Mark there alone.

My sister is being a huge help and I am grateful for picking up Mark from school and watching him until I get off work. Otherwise, I wouldn't have been able to take the job. Being a single mom, does have it's disadvantages. However, my family is amazing for helping out so much!

Day 40 - Saturday
Friday....super late... probably even around 1am Saturday morning, I convinced my bestie to meet me at Cato to do a little shopping (she work's nights) for a girl's weekend splurge. However, when we met up at Cato, I told her that I received a great job offer and needed new business clothes for work. The happiest facial expression anyone could have - went across her face in a flash. Lmao I didn't know how else to explain the excitement she had. I had it too...but I cried. Lmao.

So... after hitting up Cato, Ross, Marshalls, Old Navy and Avenue... $250 later... I got 4 pairs of dress slacks, 8 business appropriate dress shirts, some jewelry, a pair of extremely comfortable wedges, a pair of flats and I even bought Mark four new puzzles and a play-dough kit. And... it was definitely money well spent.

While I was trying on clothes, I noticed a few surprising things... like I used to be in XXL tops and I'm now straddling L/XL (depending on the brand). I also used to be in size 20 pants and I'm now straddling 16/18 (depending on the brand). I consider those some awesome off-scale successes!

Saturday was a long day...especially with a toddler who doesn't want to stand around and wait for mama to change in and out of random clothes.

Saturday - Weigh In - Total Weight Loss 17.5 pounds

Day 41 - Sunday
I have been trying to get to the grocery store for a few was THAT day. Got a few things prepped for the week. I'll be finishing up tomorrow, since it's my day off.

Tonight, I'm sitting here with one wrap split in half on my upper arms for 90 minutes, while the botanical nutrients seep their way into my soon-to-be-no-longer-bat-wings. I took my before pictures, dated them and measured both upper arms, so in a few days I can compare my results. I don't know many people that have done their upper, I will gladly be the test subject. My mom's chin worked beautifully, I'm excited to see my own results in three days.

I also noticed while I was wrapping my arms, that I am starting to get muscles. I felt like a little kid (like the toddler video's on YouTube) flexing their muscles.

Have a good night everyone....long week ahead of me! I'm excited!

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