Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Day 9 - Turtles, Park & New Rental

After my car accident last month, the truck is finally being worked on. Something that was only supposed to take a few days, five at the most, is now going on day 8. My first rental I downsized from my SUV, because I only planned on it being a few days. However, because it has taken much longer, I had to trade in the smaller car for a SUV today. I have stuff to do and I can't get them done if I have to constantly keep making trips back to the house to unload, because I don't have enough trunk space. 

While I'm happy that my car is finally being fixed, I also neeeeeeeeed it.

While I waited on Hertz to find a bigger car, I took Mark to the park to feed the ducks and turtles. A friend of mine gets the left over Panera bread to bring the homeless, if they have any left over from the shelter, she brings me the rest. Since I don't eat bread anymore, Mark and I bring it to the ducks and turtles at the park. Circle of life...for the bread anyway.

After we ran out of bread, Mark made his way to the toddler playground. He finally stood up on the bridge section - while kinda holding on to the sides. After going down the toddler slide four times, he decided he was done with the small playground and made his way to the big kid playground and went down three different slides before calling it a day.

While our day wasn't as eventful as it usually is, we were pooped by 3pm. We stooped for a late lunch at McDonalds... don't worry, I got the Southwest Salad and worked my way around the carby foods. I had very little dressing on my grilled chicken. While the salad was okay, the grilled chicken was delicious. I must have been craving protein! That's a good sign.

Right before I was going to head home for Mark's nap time, Hertz did end up calling me letting me know that an SUV was delivered for me to be exchanged anytime I wanted. I was there in 10 minutes. That's how badly I wanted a bigger trunk space.

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