Thursday, July 14, 2016

Day 10 - Numminess (Eats), Weigh In & Shopping

Like all days...especially with a toddler, is busy. This one more so, because we have more stuff to do in such little time.

Mark and I started our morning out to breakfast...I don't take him out to breakfast often, that's usually my mother's doing. We ended up getting some yummy nummies at Keke's Cafe. He had 2 mini sand dollar pancakes with a syrup drizzle, while I had two eggs and some fruit. It never occurred to me until I was almost done, that we completely forgot our sausage and bacon.

I also had a therapy appointment a little after breakfast, which was great - overall. But, I'm soooo sore. Like, sore to the point that I will need help with Mark tomorrow - guaranteed. I may not be able to lift him, let alone sit up out of bed. We also found out that I have some bruises on my legs...from? Somewhere *shrugs* I have a toddler..99.9% sure they're from him rough housing.

Today's conquest was to find Tupperware that would hold my food - already portioned out and be able to store it in my mini fridge. Regular Tupperware doesn't fit in my mini fridge; however, I found some Tupperware toddler bowls that work just perfectly. The Take and Toss plastic bowls with lids - the color ones. They are the perfect size for me and my portioned out food - 1 for snack, 2 for meals. I plan my meals out the night before, from the food I prepped in the beginning of the week. Pictures will totally be coming in the next shopping trip/food prep.

Check out my messy mama desk - comes with a coffee mug & Goldfish!
While we were at Target, scoring those perfect bowls, I also found a card stock calendar and weather board for Mark for $6 and two packages of big sticker letters for $6 ($3 each - lowercase and uppercase). I also found myself a jar - just perfect to turn into a "Swear Jar" for myself. You think I'm kidding... wait til you see the Swear Jar post I have coming out on August 4th. I have a big potty mouth and I rather pay up, then Mark walk into Kindergarten when he's 5 years old with the mouth of a sailor.

I ended up picking up lunch on the way home for everyone, from different places...including Mark from the peanut gallery (the back seat) asking me for a burger. He only eats one burger and it's from McDonald's. I usually get him one with everything on it, but since we were in a rental, I got it plain. He went to town on it while we were headed home. First the patty, then the bread, then his apples, then his fries - all while chugging down his milk and continually asking for more... like I have a cow in the back of the truck.

Mark ended up crashing super early tonight - like 6pm and only getting up for a sip of milk or to see where I was. My stiffness from therapy kicked in around the same time and I ended up taking a 30 minute nap with Motrin.

Tonight is definitely going to be an interesting one...with Mark sleeping next to me, there is a 50/50 chance of him turning and putting his feet in my side. But, with as sore as I am right now, there is a good chance - like high 90's - that I may turn the opposite direction, so his feet are nowhere near my sore ribs.

Weigh In (from this morning): down 4.9 pounds in a week!
That's amazing! I guess my Paleo/It Works Lifestyle is working! I am a product of a product!

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