Saturday, July 9, 2016

Day 5 - My Gym & Fred's Market

Good Evening Everyone,

Saturday - a jack of all trades, if you will. If you don't have a toddler, you're day went better than mine.

This morning, he wasn't that bad. As I found a place for him to burn off some toddler energy. A place called My Gym. If you have little one's, you may have heard of this place. It's a mini-gym for kids to climb, jump, swing, flip, play, etc. They offered the first class for free then offered to waive the registration fee of $75, if I signed little man up for future classes. Guess what I did? That's right... I saved this mama $75! How 'bout them apples?

Now, $79 for 8 classes a month may sound a little steep in some areas, but around here... that's cheap! Probably the cheapest I've seen in a while. It's summer... I don't have the energy to keep up, as he is burning more energy in 5 minutes than I am in 30.

On days that I make it to the gym, however, I am bouncing off of my own endorphins and have no issues keeping up with little man. When I don't go to the gym, I'm a slug. S-L-U-G! I OWN that too! Then there are the bad days - days where I've had spasms keep me up most of the night (old back injury), Mark had me up, I am having low back issues and I'm too sore to move. Mark knows the difference in my energy levels... if I can't chase him down the hall in the morning (horsing around), then I'm not feeling well - then he becomes all cuddly. I love cuddles!

Breakfast - same as the rest of the week - this time I actually got Mark to eat his egg. Took a bargaining move of more juice for him to take more bites of his egg, but it worked.

Lunch - So, let's recap what Paleo is... no carbs, no grains, (for me) minimal dairy, etc. My mom, sister, Mark and I decided to check out this new place in town that everyone is raving about. It's called Fred's Market. They took over an old Macaroni Grill building - which actually works for them. Their theme is like rustic farmer, with wood pallet designs, hanging strings of lights that you would see at a barn wedding, etc. They even have a sink at the beginning of the food line...they make you wash your hands before eating. This place is super clean... bowls, pots, trays, of food all clean - no messes, nothing on the ground... if a paper drops, a random employee comes to pick it up. It is well maintained. However, Fred's Market is a southern country food restaurant... not exactly on the Paleo to-do list.

I did the best I could with what they had available. Unfortunately, I had to try their mashed potatoes - definitely not something allowed when on Paleo (I was shocked I didn't have any stomach pains after eating it). They had baked sweet potatoes - which were soooooo good AND that's saying something... I'm not a fan of sweet potatoes. They may have changed my mind. I also had pulled pork (unfortunately this was so dry, it was hard to eat), roasted veggies (unfortunately, these were way past roasted and more like boiled and soggy). My salad was probably the most appetizing thing on the menu and it was half the size of my lunch.

Would I go back? No. Their sweet potatoes and tiny salad (both of which I can make at home), aren't enough for me to drive 20 minutes and spend $12 a person. Yes, this is considered a BAD REVIEW!

Dinner - I have 12 shrimp with some cocktail sauce. I wasn't really in the mood to eat anything, because of a migraine, but I had to get something in my stomach.

Little man went down for a nap at 5pm, woke up at 8pm and had some milk (maybe 1/4 cup's worth) and fell asleep again...he's still out. I'm - again - nervous about whether he's going to be up all night or not.

I went the bought a new external hard drive today, as well as a new planner to keep up with all of Mark's new activities, any doctor's appointments either of us have and my gym schedule. I'm a biggie on schedules, highlighters, tracking stuff, etc. I like to plan ahead... but I don't forget to live in the moment. I'll be posting pictures of that and my new mini-fridge hopefully tomorrow.

As I watch Mark sleep, hum and snore in my bed, I'm wondering if he's peed through his diaper yet...

Have a good night everyone!

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