Saturday, July 9, 2016

How To Plan The Perfect Staycation

Written By: Shannon Boyce

Newsflash: your next getaway does not require a passport. It's true! Sometimes that dream destination is right under your nose. It is time for a staycation. You might have heard of the term before. Or it might be completely new to you. Either way, the basic premise is as follows. Staycations are mini vacations to nearby spots, towns, and attractions. Think a quick weekend trip or a few days at a local resort. There is a reason staycations are becoming more popular. The cost of travel is on the rise. Especially with airlines tacking on checked baggage fees and hidden extras. Experience a picture perfect getaway...without draining your bank account. Start planning your very own staycation. Here's how!
Determine Where You Are Going, What You Are Doing, and For How Long.
Before you do anything else... you need to answer a few very important questions. Where are you going? What are you doing? For how long? That's right. It is time to pinpoint your staycation destination. Take some time to think about it. Do you live near any major cities? What are the most popular nearby attractions? Is there anything you have always wanted to do? Visit? See? Ideally, you want your staycation to be within driving distance (no more than three hours away). So, keep that in mind - and weigh your options.

Figure Out Your Staycation Accommodations.
It is no secret. Hotels, resorts, inns, and B&B's can be pretty expensive. Which is why some staycationers choose to sleep in their homes rather than book a room. If possible? Avoid this route. The reasoning for this is simple. Even though you are not traveling a long distance... you want to feel like you are on vacation. That can be significantly harder with a pile of laundry in your bedroom corner. Ditto dishes that need to be put away or a backyard that needs to be mowed. Staying away from home gives you some much-needed separation. Can't afford to stay somewhere else? That's okay. Just make sure you give your home a vacation makeover. You can do a little re-decorating (swap out your throw pillows or change your bedding), plan a camp out in the backyard, or shut the door to your home office.

Explore Any and All Staycation Spots Like a Tourist.
The simplest way to enjoy a staycation? Look at everything you see and do with fresh eyes. Approach your getaway like a tourist would. Even if you have driven past the same places a million times before. Or have visited a specific attraction in the past. Be observant, excited, and eager for all the experiences the day has in store. The right attitude can make all the difference. Another great staycation tip? Be sure to take pictures! Snap photographs like you would on an international vacation. This will make every moment feel extra special.

Other Staycation Planning Tips.
Your incredible staycation is almost planned. Here are a few more tips to help you along the way. Give yourself a budget and stick to it, pick up small items at souvenir shops, plan your staycation during off-peak times to save money, and turn off your cell phone. Remember, this is your chance to get away from it all. So, make sure you do just that! Relax, have fun, and leave those work e-mails for another day.

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