Saturday, July 23, 2016

Day 17, 18, 19 / 365 ~ Focus on Healthy Lifestyle and NOT Stress!

I decided to do three days in one post, which I hate doing, but I've had a crazy few days. I already put $10 in the swear jar - like I said, it was a crazy few days. Phew!

Day 17 - Thursday

Today is WEIGH IN!!! I'm excited, but also nervous... and so scared, because I didn't take as many supplements as I should have, but I stayed true to my food intake. I didn't cheat and have a cookie, I can't and won't even imagine what that would do to my stomach right now. I did steal a few sips of my sister's Sprite, but by sip three, my stomach was already starting to churn and it wasn't as appetizing as it used to be.

Want to know where I started and how I got here? Click here.

Here it is, Day 17 and I'm extremely happy that I've lost 10.1 pounds! I'm not going to give up, because I feel AMAZING! I'm working my way to being more healthier every day. Who wouldn't want to feel good because they are finally getting the nutrients their body needs everyday?

I've not only cut down on my carbs, but also completely stopped drinking soda (with the exception of a few sips of Sprite today). I've done the It Works! Cleanse (review pt 1 here, review pt 2 here) and dropped 3.6 pounds in one weekend without having to rush to the bathroom. I also added a few supplements, ThermoFit, Fat Fighters, Hair Skin Nails, Greens & Greens Chews. Just by adding all of that, I've lost another 6.5 pounds!

I'm looking forward to all my Weigh In Thursday's!

You know that section of Facebook called "On This Day"? A picture popped in my newsfeed of Mark two years ago looking as cute as ever... I needed to share it.

BatMark! He was almost a month old.
With the exception of having a good weigh in day, I spent most of the day in my room sleeping on and off with a migraine from hell. But, I did remember to take a picture of my breakfast and morning shake on a messy table, haha.

Day 18 - Friday

Today's ultimate goal was to get to the gym at 6:30 AM, however, I'm not sure how, but I slept through three alarms. Mark did too. I guess we were on the same sleep cycle. We both woke up at 8 AM to them all going off...still. Since my workout was shot, we quickly got dressed for the day and headed out to the park to feed the turtles, fish and birds before heading to breakfast.

bacon, eggs, home fries (which I ended up not eating)
Mark's pancakes, which he asked for, but didn't eat.
Mark playing with the toy provided by the restaurant.
Mark and I ended up running a few errands, big surprise... checking out some stuff at Goodwill. Honestly, I was just trying to make him more worn out and wanted him to nap earlier. $35 later... scored a $200 power wheels truck for $12.99, scored a $40 child's camping chair for $3 and a giant fire truck that I've sure was at least $20 for only $4. I had to stop by Sam's Club and pick up more Perrier... I rather spend $9 on a 24 pack of the big glass bottles than $6 on 12 8 oz cans of the same stuff. I also got about another $80 worth of fruit/veggies/drinks...while I stared at the aisles full of carbs.

Thankfully, right after we finished up, got home and unloaded, he crashed HARD. We finished up the day by burning off more energy at "Monkey Gym" (My Gym) play and practice.

Day 19 - Saturday

The weekend is finally here and I can drink milk - I only have milk on the weekends! I love milk! Anyway, I wanted to take Mark out to Winter Park's park for some pictures, but once we were in the car I had realized that I forgot my big camera at home. Oh well. We walked around, went window shopping at the stores this mama can't afford anything from, found a glow in the dark book for bedtime, grabbed some espresso sugar and chocolate salt (for some future recipes) from , checked out a new boho store (which I will be going back to check out), etc.

There is this shop in Winter Park called The Ancient Olive. I think I've mentioned it before. It's in a hidden garden area. It's a vibrant color, but beautiful. Mark spotted a rubber ducky in the fountain...only him. *shaking my head*

And we finished our outing with lunch at Panera...apparently, you can get tuna fish on top of a Caesar Salad....who knew?

What plans did you have this weekend?


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