Saturday, May 28, 2016

My It Works Cleanse Review Pt. 1

Hello Everyone,

This weekend I decided to dedicate to my first time of ever doing the It Works Cleanse. I am not being paid for this review...all opinions are strictly my own.

Before I started the cleanse, I weighted myself in my underwear and took a picture of my feet and weight. No one needs to see my Mama body. So, around Monday afternoon, I plan to take another picture to see if I've lost anything from the cleanse.

The rules to this cleanse are as follows:
1 bottle before breakfast, 1 bottle before dinner for TWO days.

Important Tips:
Taken from the It Works Cleanse Box: "During cleanse it is important to maintain a healthy, well balanced diet. Eliminate processed foods, fried food, and junk food during cleanse."

Day 1 of 2

Bottle #1 (Warm - out of the box)
I've never heard anything besides great things about this product. However, I never heard about what to expect with the flavor... and I now know why. How do I put this lightly... IT'S AWFUL (the first taste was really good, but the more I had, the worse it got)! But, what I've learned over the last 10 years is that usually anything that is awful is usually really good for you. So, I chugged it. I followed it with my MIO (fruit punch) water. I needed something to hide the flavor. After it was gone, so was the horrible flavor.

I'm going to stick the bottles in the fridge to see if the flavor is more subtle and hopefully, it will be easier to drink - or chug.

Breakfast: 2 Eggs, Milk & Green Chew

Lunch: Salad, Chicken, Avocado, Corn, Rice, Diced Peppers, Black Beans, Tomatoes & Cheese. Unsweetened Iced Tea

Bottle #2 (Cold - out of the fridge)

Okay, drinking it cold, it's not bad. It's not orange juice, but it's not tar. I also chased it with unsweetened iced tea (I totally recommend this). Now, I'm going to have some shrimp, cocktail sauce and a bowl of fruit.

I will weight myself again tomorrow morning before I start bottle #3.


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  1. I have done the Cleanse and also wasn't a fan of the taste but I had a few things I liked about the product itself. After each bottle that I drank I had a great burst of energy. I just felt really good! I never had to stay close to a bathroom and even drove to Tampa from Orlando and back again on day 2! I am going to try my second Cleanse in about a week and can't wait!