Saturday, November 5, 2016


Written By: Deanna

Well, this week is product review week! I'm super excited about it, actually. I want to share with you one of the products I adore. It's called StayFocused. I've talked about it before on my blog - Click Here to See My Three Favorite Google Plugins.

Basically, the idea of StayFocused is to help you get more work done, cut down on "bad" social media and be more productive. I want to break down a few of the reasons I love it. The major thing SF does is limit your time spent on websites that you choose.

Set Your Time: You can set the amount of time a day that you're able to go on some websites - or tailor it to hours that you're working. Like a 9 - 5, you can limit your time on Facebook, but after that you can spend as much time on there as you want.

Set Your Days: You can also set the days of the week that SF limits your time. Again, you can tailor this to work so that you get weekends off, or weeks if you shift work.

Nuclear Options: You can pick an amount of time (I normally like an hour) that everything except your "allowed" lists is 100% unaccessible. This can be a blessing and of course, if you realize 10 minutes into it that you NEED to get onto a website that's "not allowed", but it is a great way to get your work done!

Allowed/Blocked Sites: See above I mentioned "allowed" lists. There is also a "blocked" list. And they can be worked with, as you see fit. Allowed websites are websites that can always be accessed no matter what. Blocked ones are ones that you have a time limit for each day/week.

Since I downloaded this and started using it, I saw my productivity go up tenfold. It was amazing. I went from writing 30,000 works a week to almost 40,000 - and I cut down on some bad social media sites, I'd been hoping to cut down on anyways.

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