Monday, October 24, 2016

What To Do When You Don't Feel Successful

Written By: Deanna

I think there comes a point where everyone doesn't feel successful. I can't tell you what that might mean for you, but for me, I know it speaks up when I don't feel like I've been "productive" enough. I know some people who get that feeling when they see their friends succeeding. When I was younger, I used to feel it because I was home-schooled and a lot of my friends went to school - seeing them get good grades made me feel unsuccessful because I wasn't graded.

Sounds silly right? But the truth is, everyone has their triggers. And that's okay - what is important is to know how to deal with them. A while back, I did a post on SMEAR and I wanted to share some of it with you.

When you're feeling unsuccessful, it's important to remember that. It's also important to remember that when it comes down to it, we all have our own success and often times the steps are so small we hardly realize that we're making them. Nonetheless, I wanted to include a bit of a resource guide. Including the article I mentioned above.

Why: Who doesn't need 75 ideas for self improvement activities that they can do every day?

Why: I find setting small and fun goals always help make me feel successful!

Why: It's important to remember to take care of yourself! And there are some suggestions in there.

Why: The truth is, I dislike meditating but I do find it super beneficial! I know a lot of people love it, but I wanted to write about it from another side. Meditation does have many benefits, though. One of which can be helping to rewire your thoughts.

These have been what seems to be the most helpful that I pass along to someone who doesn't feel successful - but it's important to remember that the biggest thing you can do to increase your chances of feeling successful is to define (or redefine) what success means to you. Sometimes, you've got to take your ideals down a notch and lower what "success" means to you right now. Maybe, for now, it really does just mean getting out of bed and continuing to fight.

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