Tuesday, October 25, 2016

11 Fun and Frugal Fall Date Ideas

Written By: Tami

I don't know about you, but fall is probably my favorite season - maybe tied with summer. Both of these seasons make for super fun date nights. A few months ago, I shared 11 fun and affordable summer date ideas, and today I thought I'd share 11 fun and frugal fall date ideas. And a lot of these are free!

1. Take a hayride.
If you have any farms around your area, chances are that at least one of them offers hay rides. Hay rides in the evening can be pretty romantic. If you bring a blanket and some hot beverages, it can be pretty cozy too!

2. Take a walk together.
There's no doubt that fall is a beautiful season. All of the pretty leaves makes walks a little more romantic than other times of the year. So bundle up in cozy sweaters, hold hands, and enjoy the beauty together. Or ride bikes!

3. Go through a corn maze.
I honestly love corn mazes! Indiana is known for its corn and there's no shortage of corn fields in my small farm down. :) Find the best one near you and hold hands as you walk through it - no maps allowed! This should make for a very fun date.

4. Visit a haunted house.
Find a haunted house in your area and make a date out of it! Hold hands and see who gets more scared. This is a great way to have fun with your significant other and celebrate the Halloween season! It also gives you a good excuse to jump into your partner's arms. :)

5. Take a pumpkin beer brewery tour.
Lattes aren't the only pumpkin drink around this time of year. I personally don't like beer, but if you're a beer lover this should be right up your alley! With all the craft breweries nowadays, you shouldn't have trouble finding one near you!

6. Have a scary movie marathon.
Me and my husband do this every year the night before Halloween! Pick out a bunch of scary movies, grab a blanket and some snacks, and snuggle up with your S.O. to watch 'em. With this list of the 60 best horror movies on Netflix this season, you're sure to find a few that you enjoy!

7. Have a bonfire.
Bonfires and fall obviously go hand-in-hand. So get some hot cider or your hot beverage of choice and sit under the stars with your loved one - invite some friends along if you want! This is such a cozy activity and it's perfect for fall.

8. Visit a pumpkin patch.
Pumpkin patches are so much fun. Throw on some old clothes (you might get dirty!) and head there with your with partner to pick out the perfect pumpkin together. Most pumpkin patches also offer other fun activities too!

9. Read scary stories together.
Go to the library and pick out a book full of spooky stories, then head home and cuddle up under a blanket to take turns reading them to each other. We always love scary urban legends books or unexplained mysteries.

10. Bake together.
There are so many options when it comes to fall baking. Pumpkin, apple, or caramel treats are perfect. Or you can cook a full fall dinner. It's so much fun to bake with your significant other. And eating the yummy food you make when you're done is pretty great, too!

11. Get crafty together.
Just like fall recipes, options for fall crafts are endless as well. There are so many fun and frugal Halloween, Thanksgiving, and fall craft ideas all over Pinterest. All you gotta do is search for 'em!

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