Saturday, October 22, 2016

Hurricane Matthew

Hello Everyone,

I apologize for being MIA (missing in action) for a little bit. Hurricane Matthew made it's way to Florida and time sorta froze. While I wasn't majorly affected by it, I had plenty of friends and family who were. Plenty of area's along the coast were completely flooded for blocks.

My son's dear great-grandmother lives right on the beach and refused to leave her home. I understand her pride is strong, but it was category 4 and was expected to hit exactly where she was. I had family constantly calling me asking me to convince her to come stay with me (more inland) and she refused. I even offered to drive to her and pick her up with her cats (which I'm severely allergic to). She refused to leave and said if I came, she wouldn't leave. So.... I was a nervous wreck the entire storm. I am the only closest family to her (with the exception of my ex and he refuses to do anything to help).

Magnolia Street Before Hurricane Matthew (2016)
Magnolia Street After Hurricane Matthew (2016)
I have a TON of FEMA certificates that, thankfully, made me very calm on everything else - except her decision. We knew it was going to be BAD. I was prepared for the worst. The last hurricane I was in that was considered bad, was Hurricane Andrew in South it. Andrew was a 5...Matthew was a 4. I had an idea of what could happen. 

Jacksonville Beach
St. Augustine
St. Augustine
Thankfully, as Matthew made it's way closer to my area, it decided to shift to the east at the last minute...saving the state quite a bit of damage...but the coast still got slammed with flooding. I'm absolutely heart-broken at the pictures that came flooding into weather stations from Jacksonville Beach and St. Augustine. I've been to both places numerous times and walked those streets many times. So much history in both of those areas.

After the storm, I made my way out to the coast since I hadn't heard from her...I kept overthinking every little thing possible. Thankfully, the only damage we had to our house, was a few shingles missing. We, somehow, never lost power, but some of our neighbors were without power for almost a week. We gave our neighbors our bags of ice and tried to help out anyway we could.

So, to get back on track...we will be posting more in November. We've got to get ready for the holiday's!

Thank you everyone for being patient!

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