Sunday, October 2, 2016

October Fitness Challege - I Wish, I Did!

Hey Everyone!

One thing I've noticed about starting a new month with new fitness goals is that we always wish to eventually be at the next level, but now. We always want the next best thing, not the current thing. First: Don't rush. It's not going to leave without you. As long as you don't give up on yourself, you will get there. Everyone's body is different. Don't try to be like the person running those extra 2 miles in the gym on the treadmill next to don't know how long it took them to get to where they are. Just like, you aren't going to be able to run two miles tomorrow if you're only able to walk a mile today.

Start your month's with small goals and work your way to bigger ones. Start with goals like "I'll walk the neighborhood another lap every day this week" or "I'll do an extra mile on the treadmill today." Bigger goals should be well thought out...and planned way in advance. Such as...I signed up for a 5K at the end of October.

Seeing as how I just finished one last month in a little less than an hour, I'm good for big goals this month. Now, you may think..."Wow! That's all she's doing?!" Let me elaborate real fast... how long did it take for me to get to (mentally have the courage to sign up and physically be able to push myself without hurting myself) competing in a 5K? 5 years after a car accident that caused a back injury. Five years! Five! There were so many other hurdles that I had to get over within those 5 years, but I DID IT! I didn't just wish for it, I made it happen! I did it!

So, I wrote a post a few days ago for my weight loss team on Facebook and I thought it would be motivational for anyone who reads it on the blog as well. Here it goes:

"I wish I could lose 20 pounds! I did lose 20 pounds!

I wish I could stop having digestive issues (I've even gone to a gastroenterologist for more answers and all my levels came back normal. Medically, I was healthy and my issues were inexplainable). I did stop having digestive issues thanks to ThermoFit!

I wish I could eat/drink processed foods without having the urge to tear apart the pantry (not joking). I did stop eating processed foods and stopped drinking soda. I also don't have insane cravings, for example...all I need to fix my sweet tooth is 2 Greens Chews and 2 bottles of greens in water (a day).

I wish I could get over that weight hurdle that I've been stuck at for months! I did get over that weight hurdle with the help of the cleanse! It gave me just enough of a push, that I was able to continually lose weight.

I wish I could get clearer skin and have my hair grow longer. I did get clearer skin and my hair has grown longer just by taking Hair Skin Nails."

I have more energy! I feel better! I make healthier choices! I'm more active! And occasionally, Mark will swoop in and steal a strawberry or watermelon chunk.

I stopped wishing and started doing!

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