Friday, September 2, 2016

Why Are You Paying For An Anti-Virus?

Written By: Deanna

On the surface that might seem like a silly question, right? I mean, I should know why people pay good money not to have their computers littered with god-knows-what, but I recently did a post on my own blog about how to get free stuff and it got me to thinking about this.

Most people I know either have a MAC, use Norton, or use MacAfee for their anti-virus system. Nothing wrong with that, although some can't afford a MAC! But I was thinking, it would probably go along way for some people if they didn't have to pay.

When I got my first computer a friend dad suggested an anti-virus system to myself and my sister (who had gotten one recently as well) he worked/works with computers so I didn't think twice about trusting him. I mean, after all he's the reason I don't get certain unwanted emails in my inbox. So, I downloaded the program, and since then (about 7 years) I haven't had or felt I needed another.

I use AGV, and I love it. I don't have anything against other programs, but AVG is my favorite. I find it works the best on my computer and it is free to download. I've never had issues with it as far as I know and there have been points where my family has had issues with their computers/malware and I was the only one in the house who didn't.

Can I say for sure that was AVG? Of course not, but it was what stuck out on me. I have no clue what everyone else is using, or they even had an anti-virus on their computer, to be honest.

But, for all you frugal finders out there, if you don't already know about AVG, and you want to download something legally and free (as an author I'm very against pirating) then, here you are. Something that will be useful and you can get it free!

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