Thursday, September 1, 2016

Day 57 ~ Hurricane Hermine & Cabin Fever Leads To A Remodel

This morning, we woke up to hearing the Tropical Storm Hermine has changed direction. Thankfully, it missed a majority of my family who live in Florida, as well as decreasing its speed. While it was still nasty outside, Mark's play time outside was canceled and I completely forgot about his Monkey Gym class this morning, but because of the weather, I don't think they would have minded.

It barely rained at all today, but we did have a few gusts of wind that were stronger than the others. Toward the afternoon, however, we ended up having a tornado warning for a few hours. 

During all of this... Mark and I did a few crafts and after walking around the house tired of watching and singing along with some of his Nick Jr shows, I decided I needed to remodel the bedroom. While the bed and night stand stayed in the same place, I moved the DVD cabinet into the family room, moved my mini fridge to where that cabinet was, vacuumed the carpet and then Mark's play carpet, moved my dressed to the other side of the room, collapsed a cubby organizer and built it around the dresser for a unique storage space (plus, Mark will still have access to all of his snacks), moved our second cubby organizer into the garage (which I'll be working on this weekend), and turned my desk a complete 180 degrees to help provide myself a mini office within the bedroom. It seriously looks like there is a LOT more room in the bedroom. Mark was beyond excited and started twirling with him arms out (something he wasn't able to do before).

This evening, I was slammed with, yet, another surprise training meeting. But, I was soooo excited for this one, as we were going over all the original training booklets. And, finally, the light bulb went off and everything I had been doing for a few months finally looked as if I've been making it too hard on myself. So, I now have a much easier way of providing customers with quick and easy information about any of the products, without them feeling pressured in anyway. I am definitely not a sales person, but this really made sense. And it made me feel so much better about being a product of a product. I guess it isn't as popular as I thought it was. I only know two other people in the business in my area that are products of the product or PoP.

I was scribbling notes like a crazed person during training tonight. There was just soooo much that needed to be covered and then realizing that a majority of the stuff I've been doing was more difficult and I was making it harder on myself. Now, with my new training, I am definitely more confident and ready to climb the business ladder!

I have a party on Sunday that I'm ready for. I have my party notes layout with pictures and videos. I have a few friends helping me, by answer anyone's questions as I'm running the online party. I am thankful for them, otherwise the party would be two hours long, instead of an hour. Usually, having a online party, people will lose interest with anything longer than an hour. Oh, and there will be a raffle for free products at the end, but people have to stick around from the beginning.

I have another party set at my house, and while I am almost done with the parties layout, I still need to figure out how to introduce myself (I always get so nervous). I am seriously crossing my fingers that this goes well and I can show my friends that I wouldn't be where I am today without this push to a healthier lifestyle. Being on a Paleo lifestyle change, isn't the only reason I was able to cut, of all things, out of my diet - soda.

But, more on all that later. Have a good night everyone.

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