Friday, September 16, 2016

Don't Believe Everything You Read About Paleo

After talking to a few people about why I chose the Paleo lifestyle, I decided it might be good to write a post about it as well. The three individuals can't be the only one's curious about "why" I changed my ways...

Question: Isn't Paleo just a low-carb diet?

Answer: No. Paleo is about avoiding those modern food toxins, not about restricting carbs. Think of caveman days...they survived on a perfectly healthy basic menu. I stay close to the "healthy" carbs, such as sweet potatoes. White rice is also acceptable, but I also cut grains out of my lifestyle.

Question: Isn't Paleo expensive?

Answer: Actually, if you plan ahead and stick to that shopping list... it's not. It can be, if you're splurge shopping. The processed food is actually more expensive than healthy food...that's why there is coupons for it. For example: (Usually there aren't coupons for eggs, but I've seen a few) Two dozen eggs is going to range around $3 per dozen (at most). A dozen of eggs at my grocery store is currently $1.27. Strawberries are currently $3.57 and nectarines are currently $1.99/lb. Paleo actually saves you money! By buying ingredients to make large batches of food, the food will last longer than anything processed. Fresh ingredients that you cook together to make a meal, you can store in Tupperware or plastic gallon sized bags and freeze whatever you made. Anything that is processed however, has a shelf life.

Question: Isn't it the caveman diet?

Answer: As mentioned in question number one, hunters-gathers actually survived off of the land. It's about choosing and eating the best food for your health, regardless of what is or isn't available.

Question: Paleo means you have to cut everything out, right?

Answer: Nope. You can modify it to your liking. For example: I eat healthy carbs, dairy on the weekends only (I look forward to it), grains twice a month, increased my protein intake, cut soda to twice a month (usually the same day as my grains, so I can keep track) and increased fruit and veggies. There is no one "correct" way to do Paleo; the right ways is what works for you.

Myth: Paleo is a weight loss diet.

Truth: It's not. It's about giving your body the natural nutrients it needs. If you happen to lose weight from it, like I have been, it's an extra bonus! Health might mean gaining muscle to you to improve your athletic performance, but health may just mean losing a few extra pounds before the New Year.

I've never felt better after making the change to Paleo. I have more energy, like it was stored in a mysterious compartment in my body. I can taste flavors in soups, way better than I used to. I can walk into the grocery store and buy cake and cookies for parties, without having to indulge in them during parties.

My family has noticed the change. My friend's have noticed the change. I have noticed the change....strangers are starting to notice the change.

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