Saturday, September 10, 2016

Cash In On Your Castoffs Pt. 2

Written By: Meredith


1. Include Accessories
If you kept the item's original packaging and extra parts, congratulate yourself. That will help get you a better price. Include items such as extra memory cards for cameras or rain covers for old strollers in the photo you send. If you're missing the owners' manual for electronics, print PDF versions from the manufacturer's websites.

2. Bundle Up
Instead of posting an ad for one measly DVD, list a bunch together. People are more inclined to purchase 10 DVDs or 10 onesies than a single item. Group clothes, toys and DVD's by themes. If you're selling your son's infant sleepers and your daughter's 3T outfit's, create one listing for boys' items and another for girls'.

3. Take Great Photos
Don't sweat it if you're a point and shoot novice - most smartphones take quality pictures. For the best lighting, shoot near a window, or set up outdoors in the morning or late afternoon. For an easy backdrop, tape up a piece of solid-colored poster board or craft paper. Be sure to snap areas buyers may want to assess, such as a handbag's lining. Not having photos can be a deal killer.

4. Refine Your Description
Generic adjectives (rare, beautiful, unique) won't help your item sell because most people shop online using specific search terms like a brand name, size and color. When selling electronics, search online for manufacturer write ups to make sure you're including accurate info. The more details you include, the higher the chances that your item will top a shoppers' search results.

5. Price It Right
To find the sweetest spot between charging too much and too little. Include the original price of your item in the listing. Seeing a $100 blazer for just $40 or a $500 bicycle for $250 can help buyers feel like they're getting a bargain. 

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