Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Days 60, 61, 62 & 63 ~ Labor Day Weekend, Job Interview and Blog Introduction

Day 60 - Sunday
Because of Labor Day, our weekend quickly got away from us. Unfortunately, it's been pouring rain here for the last week and a half, so finding the time to go out is touch and go. Today, I woke up with a awful migraine and all I could pretty much do was go back to sleep. Oh, my back has been having shooting spasms all day...not sure what triggered it, but every morning I am stiffer than a tree. Once I'm moving, I am kinda afraid to stop.

Day 61 - Monday - Labor Day
Labor Day...what does one do on a holiday that is mostly wet and raining? I sleep. Or at least, try to. Today we just lounged around the house. I did, however, have some pick ups to do from another donation group (not my own) and a fellow admin mentioned that she desperately wanted to do this 5K that's in town and no one wanted to do it with her. She even had a coupon code available if she ever found someone. Since it was only $20 with the coupon code and a majority of the money is being donated to local Breast Cancer charities...why not?! I told her I would join her...since it will be my first official 5K event in at least 6-7 years... I think.

The 5K definitely like no other I've ever done. It's called Glow the Mall Pink, it's being held at a local mall and we'll be walking the perimeter of the mall's property. The eye-catching detail is that it starts at 11:55 p.m. Yep, you read that right! We will be decked out in as much Pink as we can...without going overboard. I will definitely try to get her to take a picture with me. The event is on September 24th, so I have a few weeks still to work on my pace. I haven't done a straight 5K walk (even just relaxing) since I was medically released last August. If I overdo it, there is always a doctor the following day and a muscle relaxer the morning after. But, I've been staying active since May, I don't think I'll have an issue. Maybe, just some sore feet.

Day 62 - Tuesday
Today was jammed pack with sooo many things. This morning I had a job interview (which I thought went really well) for an assistant shipping and receiving position with great pay, great hours and with 100% benefits... working with Edelkrone. It's a bit of a newer company, but they are definitely hitting the ground running. They have sleek state of the art products, definitely in the right direction. If, for any reason, I don't land this job, I will be bummed. I will probably still end up buying their products. I particularly like their Povie product.... seriously, it's like a backwards selfie.

But, don't let them fool you by their size...they are very on top of their game. Plus...with an added bonus...the entire staff is extremely friendly. The warehouse is clean and extremely organized (which green flags were flying high with my OCD), their waiting room contained bright colorful furniture that seriously looked like I walked into Ikea's living room department. It was very nice to see in that line of work. I have experience in shipping and receiving, but I didn't apply for the job, instead, they found me on a employment engine.

Afterwards, I had a few errands to run. No big deal. I ended up picking up some Sonny's bbq... actually, pulled pork (no bread) with light sauce, baked beans and a baked sweet potato with their amazing cinnamon butter. I also had an avocado, because well, who doesn't like them?!

While Mark was napping, I realized that Sunday we completely forgot about his Monkey Gym class. Tomorrow I have to call them and reschedule his makeup classes and get to them before Oct 2nd. So much to do, in such little time.

Oh, so last week in the city's community group, a lady mentioned that she was going to go walking at certain times in hopes to find exercise buddies. Well, it was a bit hit. Hundreds of people from within the community were requesting her to create a Facebook group, so we could see what times were available to meet up around the city. Within an hour, after seeing people piling into this group, I reached out to her offering to help her organize the group and help set up different times for walking.

Today, well this evening, was our first group's community walk. Only 8 ladies showed, all different ages, prepared to meet and greet and get some exercise. We literally just strolled around a small section of town and chatted. Before we knew it, we had walked 3.1 miles (which is the same as a 5K)! We kept track with my FitBit... I figured it would be easier than everyone trying to figure out how to use their health apps on their Iphones. Plus, I know I'm prepared for the 5K walk towards the end of the month!

Day 63 - Wednesday
So, yesterday... was busy. I'm tired and about to head to therapy. I forgot to mention that I also received another phone call for an interview this Friday - for a completely different job. Another great pay, great hours, full benefits... this one I am not as qualified for, but this company has been around a lot longer. But, I'll share more information about this company Friday or Saturday evening.

I was physically exhausted this morning, so bad that it was almost impossible for me to get out of bad. I had some severe muscle spasms last night and I was so thankful I had a therapy session this morning. While I will be sore in the morning, it's a good sore, but I felt 100000000% better after leaving therapy. 

I surprised Mark with a meatloaf lunch, haha. He really likes his meatloaf. So much that I always get "thank you mama" the second he finishes his plate. There is a 50/50 chance of him not being happy that he can't have a second FULL plate of food. I don't have two plates of food, he doesn't need a second plate either.

We have a long few days ahead of us. Talk soon.

Goodnight everyone!

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