Wednesday, September 21, 2016

20 Kitchen Organization Ideas For Families

Written By: Hope Jennings

Kitchen organization is crucial when you have a family. It can make life easier and less chaotic when you have a system for things.

The ideas here are crazy smart, and just putting one or two of them into place in your own home can make you feel so much more organized. Let's begin...

Create Zones
Organizing your kitchen into sections so everything you use for a particular job goes together like a baking zone and a coffee zone.

Plan your meals, grocery lists, bill paying and just about everything else.

Family Command Center

Here is one of my favorite command centers with a place to keep backpacks, school papers and leave notes for one another.

Hangable Kids Cups
Make sure your kids don't dirty too many cups in a day with these hangable cups they can grab right from the side of the fridge. These are so cool!

Pantry Labels
Label everything in your pantry.

Kids Dishes Drawer

Make it so that your kids can grab their own places and bowls with a drawer just for them. It also helps them to be able to put away their own dishes. Love this.

Family Charging Station

Make this charging station where all the electronic chargers can stay so you always know where they are and they don't make a big wire mess.

Snack Stashes

Perfect for the after school snacking. Keep a bin of approved snacks that kids can grab on their own.

DIY Menu Board
Make this simple wipe clean board to write down the weeks meals, so everyone knows what you're having.

Under The Sink
This part of the kitchen, for me, is always a mess.

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