Saturday, September 10, 2016

Days 64, 65, 66 ~ Migraines, Marathons and Wraps

Day 64 - Thursday
Today was kinda a dead day. I wasn't feeling too hot most of the morning, so my drive to do anything was shot. I did, however, make a full recovery by 6pm when I was heading to my bi-weekly walking group. I did manage to get 3 miles in and did some grocery shopping afterwards. I wish I had more to tell you for today, but once you start feeling bad, everything kinda gets pushed to the side.

Day 65 - Friday

This morning, I had an interview downtown with a big company. If I get hired, I'll share all the juicy details. But, for right now, the interview went well. I fell really good about it and I've already found a daycare for Mark if I do end up getting the job. I will be working Monday to Friday. Mark's daycare will be on the way to work (happy coincidence), I'll be out early every day and I'll have every weekend off. The pay is great, it comes will full benefits and I truly think I nailed the interview. Only time will tell. Fingers crossed everyone! This will open so many doors for my family.

I was so thankful today to get the interview done and finish my errands with little man by 4pm. I got the worst migraine that I've had in months. I ended up taking 4 Motrin and 1 Maxalt (which if you really know me, I hate being medicated for anything). It was definitely needed. A dark room with the blankets and pillows over my head, wasn't dark enough for me. Mark insisted that he be by my side, as he knew I wasn't feeling good at all, so he ended up taking a nap with me under the blankets. That boy is so sweet, I don't know what I would do without him.

Day 66 - Saturday
Last week, I completed my Battle for the Badges Half Marathon Virtual Race and received my medals already. Half of the proceeds go to the Memorial Foundations for both police officers and fire fighters. An added bonus is that the medals are separate with option to connect (mine are connected).

Tonight, I decided to do another wrap on my stomach. The first time since May. The aroma is refreshing. Took some measurements, as well as my before pictures. I will have this on until 9:30pm tonight (wearing it for 2 hours - but you only need to wear it for a minimum of 45 minutes and a max of 6 hours). The first time I wore the wrap, I wore it to the gym. You can literally do anything while wearing it. Everyone has a different experience with the for mine, I feel a cool tingle while wearing it.

Tomorrow, I will be post my embarrassing (I'm not comfortable with my belly yet) before and afters. If there is a significant difference, I may be sending them to corporate. Tomorrow is also weight in and measurements, so I'll be able to tell you exactly what I've done to get to this point.

Goodnight everyone!

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