Wednesday, August 24, 2016

48, 49 & 50 ~ Fall Off & Jump Back On

So, after attending Mark's friend's birthday party Sunday and devouring three slices of cheese pizza, skittles and soda...I knew I was headed for falling off the wagon. I had a nice healthy dinner of steak and zucchini noodles, but it didn't feel like it was enough. I also didn't feel the side effects yet.

Monday I really felt it. Major side effects. Ugh. Do you know what happens to your body after being off of carbs, yeast, soda, massive amounts of sugar for several months? I know I didn't cover every food group that I've stayed away from...

I spent a majority of Monday and Tuesday, for that matter, sleeping. I felt so exhausted. But exhausted didn't even begin to cover it. I wasn't hungry, at all. I only drank water and milk. I ate cookies (which is a HUGE no-no).

Unless you want me to post pictures of the inside of my eyelids (not sure how I would do that) or under my blanket and pillow tent with Mark...there wasn't much of the last two days.

Today, however, I woke up tired, but not exhausted. Moped around the house trying to figure out what I wanted for breakfast, Mark insisted I eat cereal with him, but I knew that would be a bad idea. So, I whipped up some eggs and bacon, then had the urge to make my fruit and greens shake. Big bonus points!

Within an hour, I started to feel more like myself. Sure enough, it was just the right amount of healthy food I needed to light the fuel on fire for today. Mark and I spent a good two hours outside practicing catching a ball with his glove and swinging using his T-ball bat compared to his plastic bat. He caught on quickly. We ran around the backyard playing whatever he wanted, while I absorbed some of his carefree personality. I totally recommend forgetting your responsibilities for a day and pretend to be a kid again; but a polite kid... not the kids you see running around in today's society. We finished up with water play in his kiddie pool and water table.

It was definitely refreshing to be careful and alert. I hope, that if I fall off the healthy wagon, that I'm able to refuel my body with healthy foods the following day. I still feel a little groggy, but it is the end of the day.

Tomorrow is a new day - weigh in - possibly Mark's next haircut adventure. He will totally hate me for the remainder of the day. I'll be sure to get a before and after picture, so I can show how much hair he has.

Until tomorrow. Good evening everyone.

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