Sunday, August 7, 2016

Days 31-34 ~ Organized, Weight Loss Goals & Accomplishment, & Relaxing...

This post, I am cramming four days into one.... being super busy... I forgot to actually take my "me" time and write some posts.

Thursday, Day 31 ~ Organized
So, this morning Mark decided to disappear on me. Not so much, like running out the front door, but more like I woke up and he was gone. I'm usually not worried, because there have been mornings where he will wake up and I can feel him kiss me on the cheek and say "night night mama," which is both super sweet, but strange for this age... he's only 2 not 9.

Like every other morning, I turned on the radio as we got ready for the day. As I turn on YouTube on my computer and have Rachel Platten's song "Fight Song" ready to play, he gets into position... no joke. He just starts dancing and singing along with the song... now if I played this song all the time, this would make perfect sense...but I don't and he knows this song how? Meanwhile, I'm the mom standing with her jaw dropped, thinking "where the hell did he learn this?" and in complete shock.

He was saying "Cheese" when he saw the phone camera turn on.
During lunch, while I didn't take a picture of my lunch, I did happen to catch a picture of the culprit who kept stealing my watermelon from my fruit bowl. He would take a few bites, smile and then put it back.... just what I wanted...slobber watermelon...yum!

Right before nap time, I chose to do my fourth video for my 31 day challenge. I won't do that again. Right before shooting the video, he insisted that was the perfect time to start picking his nose and toss my cue cards, well, everywhere. Then in the middle, somewhere, he starting smiling in the camera like one of the photobomb animals you find on Google.

And my ultimate goal this week is to remember to take Mark to My Gym and run around to burn off his jar of energy that's built up inside of him. I've forgotten all week... well, two days this weeks, he's slept straight through the time of the class...and if anyone has a toddler and knows the difference of waking them up from their nap and them getting up on their own will know NOT to do that...EVER!

Friday, Day 32 ~ Weight Loss

Good Morning everyone. Today is weigh in day...technically yesterday was, but I didn't remember to do it until super late last night and you should never weigh yourself after a full day of running around and eating. So, for July 2016... I lost 12.4 pounds and 11 inches! That's amazing! I'm so proud of myself!

Mark helped me post a few donations on my Facebook donation group today. We had somewhere around 20 things to post, which is nothing...compared to the 450+ I posted a few weeks ago. And I only had half of a giant donation. These 20 things - some were donations by other members that were dropped off at my house and others were some of Mark's indoor and outdoor toys that he no longer has interest in. How do I know what to get rid of when he's phased out of a toy? If he hasn't touched, not just not playing with an item, but if he hasn't touched a specific item in over a month, then he's lost all interest. All his toys are at his level and he knows where all of them are kept. He has toys that he specifically keeps in the bedroom (basically any toy that he can sleep with - plush animals mostly), the bigger toys such as trains and trucks remain in the family room.

He has one toy in the living room, that is about to be moved into the garage and that's his Power Wheels truck. I finally got a replacement battery for it ( I found it in great condition at Goodwill for $12.99 and the battery cost me $30 ~ for a $250 power wheels truck!). He drives it in the cul-de-sac for 30 minutes in the afternoon when there isn't a lot of cars outside. I need to make him a "parking spot" in the garage for it. When he brings it inside the house, I unhook the battery so he can't drive it around the house. He knows the battery is kept in the's creepy how smart he is.

Before nap time, we headed to Toys R Us, so Mark could spend some of his birthday money. I think he was one seriously happy camper leaving with a giant green bag of goodies. He got all the stuff in the picture above and the blue pool in the picture below. We will be doing a lot of crafts over the next few weeks.

So... what did I forget again? Yep... to take Mark to his My Gym class. Go mama... not! So, instead of running around and climbing whatever... it was time for water play. Don't mind the tall grass. The lawn guy came literally 30 minutes after we went back inside.

Girls Night!!! My bestie, Kristine, finally had a Friday night off... probably the first time in four years. And it wasn't a planned Friday night off, but either way she got one! Sooo.... she was MINE!!! GIRL'S NIGHT WOOT WOOT!

Okay, so my surprise for her & my treat was a dinner and a movie! We hit up our usual go-to girl's night dinner hot spot - Chili's! We had a few drinks, while it was 2-4-1 drinks...we indulged ourselves! While she was taking pretty pictures of her drinks (see above), I was already half way done with my first drink. I'm sure she was drinking because I wouldn't tell her the plans for the evening. People drink when they are nervous... lmao I'm just kidding.

Afterwards, and YES after I chugged a ton of water after my two delicious strawberry margarita's (no picture), we headed for the movies. I took her to see Bad Moms, because well... we're bad moms! Afterwards, we headed home, but not before stopping in front of many different bars to check in on Facebook to piss off her ex, but we also raised some eyebrows of a few of our friends. It was hilarious! 

Saturday, Day 33 ~ Accomplishment

Yesterday, I also did a small grocery shopping trip.... hahaha... $160 later... I am happy to say the only junk food that I purchased was two lunchables for Mark. I got a TON of fruits, veggies, meat, I also scored an awesome 3 pounds of shrimp for $5 a pound when it's usually $8 a pound. And, bonus... it's in resealable freezer bags! Sooooooo many meals will come from that!

So, when I made lunch, I was also preparing two days worth of meals for both little man and I. Will he eat them, probably not...even though he just had the same thing three days ago. Ugh.... toddlers!

Sunday, Day 34 ~ Relaxing

Today was a slow and relaxing day. While I wanted to nap with little man, I didn't. Instead, I was taking a ton of notes for tomorrow videos, as I'm behind three days. I didn't think it was so easy to forget to make a 2 minute video to help build your confidence.

My little helper was amazing today... helping me carry the laundry to the washing machine and helping me start the washer, and also putting the clothes in the dryer. He's such a big help. He's also been putting his plates, utensils and cups in the sink all by himself.

I need to head to bed soon, as I would like to get my butt back to the gym in the morning and back to my strict routine. More weight loss and healthy lifestyle is much needed!

Click here for Day 35!

Have a good night everyone!

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