Monday, August 8, 2016

Day 35 ~ Workout & Healthy Eats

Last night, Mark and I went to bed two hours earlier than we usually do. I was extremely impressed that it was his idea.

This morning, I had my alarm set for 6:30 am, so I can get dressed and sneak out without waking him and head to the gym. However, at 5 am my body woke up....why???? I was still dressed and out the door at 6:30, but I couldn't sleep no matter how many sheep I counted.

While on the way to the gym, I constantly went over what my workout should be this morning. If I should just do my usual treadmill warm up and then do my circuit training with every machine at 40 pounds, or if I should change it up today.

After I checked in and put my bag away, I had a drink of some Gatorade and headed to a treadmill for my one mile warm up brisk walk. A one mile brisk walk takes me just shy of 20 minutes. Then I headed for the circuit training area. There was a lady who was joining me and she was right up my butt a majority of the time, so I jumped ahead a few machines to pace myself out from her. At the end of the machines, I went back to the two that I skipped, so I was able to get a full workout. Spacing myself from her really helped, because I was able to complete 2-3 sets of the workout on each of the machines to really test my limits today.

Not to worry, I didn't over do myself. I did, in fact, pace myself. 

After finishing my sit ups in the circuit training area, I headed back to the locker room for my Gatorade and chugged. I was sweating like crazy, so I am definitely not worried that it's a sugary drink. I then headed back to the treadmill for another mile brisk walk and then finished with a cool down walk. 

Now, if you attend a Planet Fitness by you, you may have noticed that giant bowl of Tootsie Rolls somewhere by the front door. I have no idea why a gym would have a giant bowl of candy when people are there to workout and be healthy. I understand you don't have to take one, and I'll admit that I do occasionally, but what is the point?

Occasionally, you will find candy wrappers in some of the cup holders in various machines,
because people forget to throw their trash away.
I couldn't wait for the endorphins to kick in, but I was also worried when the fatigue would set in. I've never done a full workout on 5 hours of sleep and nothing in my belly.

Why do I workout on an empty stomach? I will get sick, everything single time, if I eat before working out... no matter how long before working out I ate something. It's guaranteed. Every. Single. Time.

After my workout, I headed home and Mark was still in bed. So, I quickly showered and headed to the kitchen to whip up both some awesome breakfasts... with eggs, bacon, strawberries and nectarines. Who would say no to that? That's right.... only him. Yep, he refused to eat this morning.

By 11:30 am, I was staring to feel really tired and after sitting with Mark and watching some of his shows, I thought maybe he was feeling under the weather. Especially when he asked me to go down for a nap only two hours after waking up.... that only happens when he's going through a growth spurt or when he's sick.

Thankfully, today was the kind of day to listen to his suggestions. About 5 minutes before falling asleep, it started raining. Why is that a big deal? Every single time it rains, I have a 80/20 chance of getting a migraine. Usually, if I can get to sleep before the rain starts, I won't have a migraine. 

Unfortunately, today was not that day. When I woke up, it felt like someone took a baseball bat to my temples and it wouldn't go away without my IV of coffee constantly flowing for a few hours. Just enough creamer that you can taste it, but it's technically still considered on the STRONG side, because every sip or gulp in my case could clear your head from anything you have.

Tomorrow is my relax day, little man and I are planning to finally getting back to our normal routine and going to Monkey Gym (My Gym) tomorrow for his class. I need to get with them and see how they are redoing last weeks class because they had summer camp for older kids. Mark also missed his class two weeks ago because he was sick, so technically he's been out for two weeks. We might be attending some different classes this week, so he'll be able to catch up on some songs and new dances, plus he'll get to make more friends.

We'll see how everything goes...

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Have a good night everyone!

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